My shastanga Namskarams to Nam Perual and Sri Ranga Nachiyar!
Chithirai Bramothsavam Viruppan thirunaal 2nd Day of Utthsavam

Today is the second day of the uthsavam. Lord Namperumal starts early
on day 2 at 6:30 AM from the Kanadi Arai(Mirror Palace) and walks
(oyyara nadai) around the Chithra streets and arrives at Asthana
Mandapam of Kodiyalam Seshadri Iyengar Mandapam at 10:30 AM.
There are many mandapams in Srirangam where the Deity is brought over
for resting for sometime on the way to Aasthana Mandapam along the way
there are also many holy ponds, some of which are Vraja theertham,
Sarayu theertham Vriksha theertham, Kadamba theertham, Shanku
theertham, Aja theertham, Chandra pushkarani Surya pushkarani etc.,
over which unfortunately many buildings and many flats have been
constructed currently!
On the way towards Aasthana mantapam all the ubayadars (Donors) do the
kainkaryam of our Namperumal offering fruits / flowers and prasadam┬

The Lord provides darshan to all His devotees at the asthana mandapam
until 6:30 PM before getting on His Karpaga Vriksha Vaaganam.┬ After
going around the Chithra streets, Lord Namperumal arrives at the
Vagana Mandapam at 8:45 PM.┬ At 9:15 PM, Lord Namperumal retires back
at His temporary abode of kannadi arai.

Today let us see about the Karpaga Vriksham and its significance
starting with my personal experience:

It is believed( and I personally think it as a FACT) that while having
Darshan of Azhagiya Manavalan on the Karpaga Vriksham, the whole Earth
is cooled and there is ALWAYS rain. I have seen this personally many
years as Archagar. It always rains when Namperumal┬ gives Darshan on
the Karpaga Vriksham. It was no different this year, I spoke with my
wife and daughter who are currently in Sri Rangam who told me about
this year's Rain! The amazing thing about this year(Today) was that
while our Naam Perumal was making His rounds on the Chitra streets,
there was NO rain. Because our Ranganthan, while being the Supreme, is
also like a Baby, and it is not right for Him to get wet. But I was
told by my wife, that as soon as the Lord finished his rounds and
reached the Vahana Mandapam, it was a DOWN-POUR!! It is truly amazing
to me, how nature itself bends to His will. It is raining heavily in
Sri Rangam currently, cooling the Earth, and giving the much needed
water of life by the Grace of┬ Lord Ranganathan!

Karpaga Vriksham is a wish-fulfilling divine tree that is mentioned in
the Rig Veda. Along with the Kamadhenu, or 'wish-giving cow', the
Kalpavriksha originated during the churning of the milk ocean, and the
King of the devas, Indra returned with it to his paradise. The wish
tree is one of those prized possessions of the earlier era when
humanity was in its infant stages. Science was practically
non-existent and for human beings to survive, a source was needed to
fulfill its basic requirements and necessities. At this stage, there
were Karpaga Vriksha spread all over so that one could ask for
anything one wished and all wishes were fulfilled then and there. Wish
Tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position
or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings.
Such trees are identified as possessing a special religious or
spiritual value. By tradition, believers make votive offerings in
order to gain from that nature spirit, saint or goddess for
fulfillment of a wish.

Here is a verse from Sri Brahma Samhitha, a Sanskrit Pancaratra text,
composed of verses of prayer spoken by Brahma to Govinda at the
beginning of creation quoting Karpaga Vriksha or┬ Kalpa-vriksha being
abundent in Sri Vaikundam.

Chintamani prakara sadmasu kalpa-vriksha
Lakshavriteshu surabhir abhipalayantam |
Lakshmi sahasra sata sambhrama sevyamanam
Govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami ||

worship Govinda, the Primeval Supreme Lord. His Divine Abode is
strewn with beautiful houses built with touchstone, surrounded by
millions of Desire Trees. There the Lord, served with utmost love and
respect by hundreds of thousands of Goddesses of Fortune, looks after
the well-being of millions of Surabhi cows, who give unlimited
quantities of milk.

With our Namperumal mounted on the Karpaga Vriksha vaganam, one who
seeks His blessings under this tree gets all their prayers answered
and fulfilled. Thus the Lord grants all that is wished by His true
devotees and shows them the path of enlightenment that leads His
bhakthas to His lotus feet.

.Will discuss more about simha vahanam & Yaali vahanam tomorrow.
Vachaka dosham Kshamikavum (Apologies for any mistakes)

Adiyen dhashan