Sri Varadharaaja Swami, Kaanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

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The temple is situated in Vishnu Kanchi, also known as the Little Kanchipuram. The Moolasthana is on a little hillock called Hasthagiri.

Once Brahma is said to have performed a very big Yagna, and during the time of Poornahuthi all the Gods and Devas were present there, when Lord Mahavishnu appeared out of the Yagna Kund. They requested him to stay there for ever to bless the devotees. He readily acceded to their wish and made Hastagiri his abode. He was hailed as the King of boon-givers, Varadaraja. He resides in Punyakotivimanam by the side of Ananda Pushkarani-the Holy tank.

Ramanuja, the exponent of the Visishtadvaitha philosophy of the Hindu Religion, had his education here.

The great work of Krishna Deva Raya, the Vijayanagar King, for the temple, the services rendered by Lakshmikumar Tatacharya, which is continued today by the Tatacharya family, the Shrine of Perundevi Thayar, the paintings of the 108 Vaishnavite Divya Desas and the exquisite beauty of the 100 pillared mandapam, attract the attention of pilgrims. It is recorded that King Achyuta Raya of the Vijayanagar dynasty, was weighed against gold (Tulabaram) which was utilized for a grant of houses for the Vedic Pandits who rendered services to the Lord of Hasthagiri.

One of the important temples which is included in the itinerary of pilgrims and tourists throughout the country. Gardua Sevai-Procession of the Lord mounted on Garudavahana- is a very popular and colourful festival in this temple during the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May-June).

In the temple tank, an idol of Varadaraja, made out of a fig wood (Atthivaradhan) lies immersed. Once in 40 years, the murthi is taken out and kept on display for 10 days for devotees to have darshan . Special Pujas are performed during these 10 days

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