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    Default RATHYATRA


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    Millenniums ago there was a King named Indradyumna who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna.

    The king and priestly minister had informed the king that Lord Krishna was

    present on earth in his Deity form known as Nila Madhava.

    When the King heard this news he asked his minister to find Lord Nila
    Madhava for him.

    After a great deal of searching and endeavor the minister finally found that
    Lord Nila Madhava was in a cave being secretly worshiped by the leader of a
    village of pig farmers.

    After some intriguing endeavor, the minister finally discovered the secret
    location where Lord Nila Madhava was located.

    The minister immediately went back and informed the great King Indradyumna
    that he had located Lord Nila Madhava, and upon hearing this, the King
    immediately set out with his entourage to fetch Lord Nila Madhava and bring
    Him back to his capitol to worship Him with great opulence.

    After the very arduous journey, the traveling party finally reached the
    secret cave where the Deity of Nila Madhava was located. With full
    anticipation and excitement, upon entering the cave, the king was shocked to discover that the Deity of Lord Nila Madhava was no longer there.

    Lord Nila Madhava had left never to return and King Indradyumna was totally
    grief stricken.

    After some time, in a dream, Lord Nila Madhava came to the king telling him
    that He would return and that a temple should be built for Him to reside in.

    The King being absolutely delighted with this news began constructing a
    magnificent temple. This temple is now known as the famous temple of
    Jagannatha in the City of Puri in Orissa on the Bay of Bengal.

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