Eligibility:- 1. Those people who cross 65 they are treated as a senior citizenís and they can go with this entrance.
2. Physical changed personís also can go with this entrance.
3. If husband age is 65 and wife age is <65 than they can accompany with him.
4. If any major health problemís, if u can get the doctor certificate, u will permitted to go with this entrance also.

further details contact:0877-2264252,2233333,2277777

Procedure for seniour citizens to get darshan in tirumala?

what is the Procedure for senior citizens to get darshan in tirumala?
what is the age limit to be considered senior citizen? How long will it take?

Darsan for senior citizens and Physically disabled is clubbed together.

The age limit for seniour citizens is 65. An ID card with age proof is needed for senior citizens

Timings for seniour citizen darsan are 10.00am ,2.00pm ,6.00pm,10.00pm. On tuesdays and wednesdays the darsan at 6 PM is excluded.

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One more [COLOR=#0000FF !important]person
is allowed to acompany seniour citizens if they are very old and need some one for support