Swami Saranam.

The dress significance.

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"Blue, Black, Saffron and White dhthies have different significance in the Sabari Mala Vratams and pilgrimage. First the Lord is described as Neela Megha Shyamala Varnan. ('Sabarigiri lolam shyamlodhara selam 'Sloga in shadgam) Most Bhakthas wear the Blue coloured dhothi, to associate themselves with the Lord.

Lord Saneeshwara is ebony black in colour. And those people (Ayyappa Swamis) who suffer from Sani Doshams, are instructed by their Guruswamis to wear black Mundus, so that they may be released from Sani’s maleficent effects. Apart from this they are also guided to chant the 12 stotras that are pleasing to Saneeswara as they climb the Sabari Malai so that when the Ayyappa Bhakthas reach the top, Sani Bhagavan would have removed himself from their lives.

Certain Ayyappa Bhakthas who live the life of a Sanyasin within the Grihasthasrama , detached attachment, wear Kavi vastram and those who without any self interest devote their attention entirely on Him, wear white veshtis, as they consider Him as Nirguna Bhagavan.

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Swami saranam

Source: Kalyanasundaram Ramachandran