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One more thing.

I tried to donate to brahmins forum by clicking the donate link. It redirected to paypal website wherein it asked me to fill the details such as name, address, email and telephone no.etc.

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I have no problem entering my name, email and location but i don't want to mention any telephone number.

So what is the best way to donate without mentioning the telephone number.

I don't know about the policy of PayPal
and they are even restricting payment from local I mean India to India
accounts also.
PayPal is one of the way to donate for persons who are already having account with PayPal.
Also by using PayPal account of forum, the donations will be automatically listed in the forum
with contributors information, and there is some integration with VBulletin software
which will promote the donar to special (Paid Subscription Member) level to enjoy
more freely the forum features than others.

Indian customers can use the below my bank account to deposit their donations as well.
Otherwise can send a crossed cheque to my below *present address:
9/46, Balajinagar 2nd Street,
Chennai - 600 092.
* I can not assure that we will be in the same address next year.
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