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All the DHAYATHIS/KJATHEES who are unable to join on the tenth day function being performed by the kartha to
offer THILODHAGAM/VAASODHAGAM used to offer the same at the places where they are by installing a small stone
at river side or outside home. This is done by them as soon as the sun rises on the tenth day and before the main kartha
dismantles the stone installed by him at THADAGA/GRAHA KUNDAMS.by forenoon say around 10.30AM The basic principle
is that once the dead soul is bid good bye by the main kartha on the tenth day rest of the kjathhes too should bid goodbye
by installing/de installing the soul at the places where they perform the KUZHI THARPANAMS. It cant be done after the
tenth day function are over at the place where main kartha is doing it.That is if a Kjathi misses it on the tenth day he cant
do it on the eleventh day.
In the cse of Kjathees who live in USA performing tenth day at USA will be equivalent to doing it on eleventh day or in any case after the main kartha has dismantled to KUNDAMs at the main place of rituals.
Hence will it not be advisable to perform it at USA on the ninth day itself!!!!
T R CHANDRASEKARAN< csekar65@yahoo.com>24.10.2013