Dear All,

Greetings. In continuation of what I sent yesterday, I am happy to attach another rare/beautiful Vishnu Stuti by Lord Brahma as available in Nrusimha Puranam. One can understand the sanctity of this prayer by reading the brief Phalashruti of the shloka.

As Margashirsha month is especially important for Ekadashi (Vaikuntha Ekadashi), I am attaching a step-by-step procedure for observing the 3-day procedure (Dashami to Dwadashi) as described in Varaha Purana under the title Matsya Dwadashi Vrata. I have endeavored my best to give each step separately such that it is easy to tick off each as is being done.

Varaha Purana provides such procedure (the structure is same but the details vary) for each month where each month assumes different Avatar name.

Those who have the inclination to follow the full procedure during this month or at least during Vaikunta Ekadashi, may find this useful. Due to God's grace, I tried doing this verbatim (except pots of gold/silver/gems, bathing in river, etc. of course!!) for Narasimha Dwadashi. After going through this in full, I must admit this - honestly, it is not that easy to sustain for 3 days, given our current day lifestyles - we need enormous resolve and perseverance. At least, yathA shakti should bear suitable fruit in this Kali yuga (cop out?!?)

May Lord Narayana bless us all!

With regards,
K. Muralidharan (Murali)

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