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    Dear members,
    I am posting some easy Ganesha slokas with meanings so that children can recite and understand their meanings.
    Some may have appeared elsewhere in this site.
    Will follow with slokas on other deities.

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    Mudhakaratha Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Lyrics Ragam -- Hamsadwani
    Mudakaratha Mothakam Sadaa vimukthi Sadhakam;
    Kaladhara vadhamshakam Vilasi Loka Rakshakam;
    Anaayakaika Naayakam Vinasi Dhebha Dhaithyakam;
    Nadashu Bhasu Nasakam Namamitham Vinaayakam

    With joy he holds modaka in His hand. He readily bestows salvation. He wears the moon as an ornament. He protects the destitute. He is the leaderless supreme leader. He destroyed the elephant demon. That 'Vinakaya' Lord Ganesha I worship.

    Vakrathunda Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Lyrics Ragam -- Hamsadwani
    Vakrathunda Mahaakaaya
    Suryakoti Samaprabha
    Nirvignam kurumey deva
    Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada

    O Elephant headed large bodied Lord, radiant as a thousand Suns, I ask for your grace so that this task that I am starting may complete without any hindrances.

    Mooshika Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Lyrics Ragam -- Hamsadwani
    Mooshika Vaahana Modhaka Hastha
    Chaamara Karna Vilambitha Suthra
    Vaamana Roopa Maheshwara Puthra
    Vigna Vinaayaka Paadha Namasthey

    He who has the mouse as the vahana, He who always keeps Modhak, He who has ears that resemble a hand held fan, He who wears a chain-like ornament around his waist, He who is short statured, He who is the son of Lord Maheshwara. O! Lord Vinayaka who is all the above and he who removes all impediments(vignas), We worship your Divine Feet.

    Vidyarthee Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Lyrics Ragam -- Jayanthashree
    Vidyaarthee Lapthey Vidyaam;
    Dhanaarthee Lapathey Dhanam;
    Puthraarthee Lapathey Puthraan;
    Mokshaarthee Lapathey Gathim

    One who aspires wisdom attains it One who aspires wealth attains it One who aspires a son attains him and One who aspires moksha attains it.

    -- Agajaanana Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Agajaanana Padmaarkam Gajaananam Aharnisham
    Anekadantham Bhaktaanaam Ekadantam Upaasmahey

    I worship day and night that elephant faced Lord Ganesha who is like sun to the lotus face of Mother Parvati. Giver of many boons, the single tusked Ganesh, I salute Thee to give e a boon.

    Gajaananam Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Lyrics Ragam -- Yamunakalyani
    Gajaananam Bootha Ganaathi Sayvitham
    Kapitha Jumbu Phala saara Bakshitham
    Umaa Sutham Shoka Vinaasha Kaaranam
    Namaami Vigneshwara Paadha Pankajam

    I prostrate myself before the lotus feet of Vigneshvara (Ganesha), the son of Uma, who destroys sorrow, who is served by the host of angels, who has the face of an elephant, who partakes of the essence of kapittha and jambu fruits.

    Shuklam Sloka -Sloka Lyrics
    Lyrics Ragam --
    Shuklam-bharadharam Vishnum shashivarnam chaturbhujam |
    Prasanna vadanam dhyayet sarva vighnopa-shantaye ||

    We meditate on Lord Ganesha - who is clad in white (representing purity), who is all pervading (present everywhere), whose complexion is gray like that of ash (glowing with spiritual splendor), who has four arms, who has bright countenance (depicting inner calm and happiness) and who can destroy all obstacles (in our spiritual and worldly path).
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