Balaji Shankara
we should not allow for intercaste marriage in our community this is the only way to improve our community we should CLEARLY SAY THE IMPORTANCE OF RELIGION TO OUR FUTURE GENERATION
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Bharathi Mohan you are absolutly right. this is where we parents lack. we dont teach our children about our religion, the importance of brahmin community as christians and muslims DO. few weeks back iwas watching jackpot. they asked few basic questions from the great epics. the girls were standing like pillars and said PASS THE QUESTION. shame on us.
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Balaji Shankara ya you are correct madam i am proud of my parents and grandpa who taught me all these i will do the same to my children i am just now doing my mbbs
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Kanthi Narayanan
While it is admirable of Parents to teach the right values of one's community to their kids, I do not fully agree with not allowing inter-caste marriage. I am an Iyengar married to an Iyengar, but I am not intolerant to all inter-caste marr...See more
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Vinod Santhanam
I agree with Kanthi, During the olden days, cast system was made based on what a person's profession or based on cast system the professions were decided. But in todays world it is quite difficult for younger people not to follow their hear...See more
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Kanthi Narayanan
Vinod, I am glad you see my point. We both have married within the Iyengar community but can still get a feel for inter-caste marriage. As for preserving the purity of one's caste, I think it is overrated; sometimes assimilation of another ...See more
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Mohan Sagar I feel that caste is not as much the issue as holding on to our faith and culture. This is especially true among Iyengars more than Iyers. The former seem to want to give up their culture at the drop of a hat.
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Kausik Sarathy I feel we would be adopting a myopic view if we start looking at caste. We all as true srivaishnavas should see if the counter part (the would be boy or girl) are true believers of our philosophy. As long as they meet this criteria then what is wrong! Our Alwars and acharyans have not seen caste as a barrier, when they have not seen caste as a stumbling block why we should start creating unnecessary walls.
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Nvs Srinivasan Finally what is your opinion Kausik Sarathy? Balaji and Bharathi Mohan are telling we should keep our community without mingling? What you say? As per my views, I follow what Krishna says, Chathur Varnam Maya Shrustam, so, we can have relation with our own Varnam and we can have good friendship with all Varnams. And finally, as per the philosophy of all vedic religion, anybody belong to any varnam can adopt a philosophy for his Athma Mukthi. So, relationship is purely for bodily thing and the philosophy is for soul thing, so, while maintaining the body with the same varana relationship, we can maintain a philosophy for our soul! This is my view and way of living.
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