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Thread: story with quiz.

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    Post story with quiz.

    story with quiz.

    A boss rushed to one of his executive assistant
    with a bulgy file and asked him ' Hi look here, go through this file in detail from beginning to end and give me a short report as to what action is to be taken etc., in one hour' and left the place in a hurry to go toilet for easing. By that time a cup of hot coffee was placed on the table of the executive. He without taking any notice about the file started sipping coffee leisurely. After finishinf it he pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote " I had gone through the file and found nothing important. It is nothing but full of garpage matters. Nothing to worry. If boss wants to go through the file he may do so when he is at leisure without any work worth to attend." He then went to his boss room and placed the file and his report on the table as his boss was still in the toilet. The boss came out from the toilet and saw the note and read it.
    He immediately ordered for a pay rise to his executive for his promt action.

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    Now readers please reply :-

    why the boss gave his executive a payrise?
    Why the executive made such a quick reply?
    How could the executive give such a reply without going through the file?

    Note: This story in from my own thinktank and not from any source.
    Your rplies may be made by 9.00 PM today 24-01-2014.

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