There was a time when one will rejoice to attend and have a meal at marriages especially of middle and upper middle glass brahmins. The quality used to be too good - sweets are made of pure ghee - also too many items - you can really enjoy it - in any hotel for any amount of money you cannot get such food.

But these days you get "chichori" coffee served in a very small plastic flexible cup - as you try to hold it, the coffee will spil over you - the cup is already made smallest, but you can have a second cup if you want - but must be ready to face loose motion - many times before you leave the marriage hall - to be on safe side one should know the location of toilets well in advance.

Of-course you will be served food hot - but the oil, ghee, and other items used cannot guarantee a vomitting or loose- motion-free enjoyment. The children become the first pry - some start with high fever. One should not feel awkward when others are waiting to have food behind your chair.

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At night most of the visitors have to sleep in common hall, making themselves a good feast to plentry of mosquittos. A luck few who could win in getting a bed sheet is partially exempt but none is guaranteed peaceful sleep.

Will we ever get back our olden days?