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"Kalyana Samayul Sadham"

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  • "Kalyana Samayul Sadham"

    There was a time when one will rejoice to attend and have a meal at marriages especially of middle and upper middle glass brahmins. The quality used to be too good - sweets are made of pure ghee - also too many items - you can really enjoy it - in any hotel for any amount of money you cannot get such food.

    But these days you get "chichori" coffee served in a very small plastic flexible cup - as you try to hold it, the coffee will spil over you - the cup is already made smallest, but you can have a second cup if you want - but must be ready to face loose motion - many times before you leave the marriage hall - to be on safe side one should know the location of toilets well in advance.

    Of-course you will be served food hot - but the oil, ghee, and other items used cannot guarantee a vomitting or loose- motion-free enjoyment. The children become the first pry - some start with high fever. One should not feel awkward when others are waiting to have food behind your chair.

    At night most of the visitors have to sleep in common hall, making themselves a good feast to plentry of mosquittos. A luck few who could win in getting a bed sheet is partially exempt but none is guaranteed peaceful sleep.

    Will we ever get back our olden days?

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    Re: "Kalyana Samayul Sadham"

    Will we ever get back our olden days?

    Will never get back our olden days even in dreams. Do you know the cost of one KG chicori mixed coffee powder? It is anything between Rs.370/- to 385/- depending upon the area. Please do not expect to be served with Kumbakonam Degree coffee. It is always better to stop with one small plastic cup of coffee and you will be free from all other after effects.


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      Re: "Kalyana Samayul Sadham"

      Rao Garu :

      During those days we used to engage exclusive Samayal Karar for all festivals and functions and they used to cook and serve food then and there itself. The Samayal Karar belongs to Brahmin Community. Today, we will not find not even a single Iyer Canteen. We can't blame anybody because our community circumferance reduced and we have to lead our life like this. Be happy atleast our generation had good and golden days for us but think about next generation. It will be a fish in a pond where mud accumulated. EASHWARO RASHAD". VOMITTING, FOOD POISONING, LOOSE MOTION, STOMACH PAIN, INDIGESION, ETC. ETC. will be common. Based on this reason only rich people who are attending the functions will not have meals and they will avoid meals diplomatically when placing request to have meal.



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        Re: "Kalyana Samayul Sadham"

        While we miss the food of the good olday's marriage feasts, I feel the above is an over exaggeration. Time changes, number of attendees multiply manyfold and to expect things like it were in the fifties is a non-starter.
        But I agree the taste is not there with commercialised menus and the wastage is aweful.
        But it cannot be helped unless you want to start a war with your kids(?)
        Let us get adjusted with time and have a bit of nostalgia about the olden golden days without the "Noisy kuththu paattus" like in today's weddings.Unfortunately we find that mamis are found in many cases dancing and letting their hair down!!
        What an effect of Kaliyuga!!!!

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          Re: "Kalyana Samayul Sadham"

          Dear Sri.Varadarajan,
          You are almost correct but not to my extent.
          Still I could see and experience the good old service and taste.
          But this generation people are thinking about novelty in taste, style and everything hence it is.
          Also, one can not determine and set the good and bad on anything for all.
          Taste in everything differs, I feel very hard even to see the piza when it is teared off with lot of strings between the two teared parts?!
          But many (this gen) people are leaving lot of 'jollu' (saliva) for it.
          This is due to keeping the life style of today's generation in all other things and expecting the old tradition in few certain things only.

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          please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
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