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Lord Mahavishnu manifested Himself in different incarnations right from he creatures to that of divine human forms to protect dharma, righteous people and to punish the wicked. Kurmavatara manifestation is in the form of a tortoise is the second incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu to immortalize the deva. Sri Kurmanadha temple is situated at Srikurmam is a unique temple to the Northeast of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is called as Srikurmam, as the Lord Vishnu appears as Kurma, the one and only temple in the world. Srikurmam is one of the ancient and famous temples in Andhra Pradesh that is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Srikakulam. According to historical evidence, Kurmanadha temple was built by Anantha Varma Chodaganga Raju of the Ganga dynasty. Ayankqa Bheema, Toorpu Calukyas, Velanati, Velama dynasty rulers and Gajapatis further developed and offer lands and wealth.

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During Krithqa yuga, devas and auras churned the Ksheera Sagara for nectar using serpent Vasuki as thread and Mandaraparvatha as churning stick. The churning stick of Mandara Parvata slipped and submerged. Devas and auras tried but failed to put it in its right place for smooth churning. Mahavishnu to fulfill the desire of Deva appeared as Kurma and lifted the churning stick of Mandara Parvata on His back and enabled them to Churn Ksheera Sagara and nectar. There are some different stories from the epics and Sthalapurana that depict how Mahavishnu manifested Himself as Kurmanadha at Srikakulam.

According to available legend that delineates the reason for the name of the place as Srikurmam. In ancient days, a couple of Bhillu clan were living in the region that is now called as Srikurmam. Once, the Bhillu lady completed her work in the field and was returning home. She felt thirsty and drank water in a nearby Pushkarini and also had a dip that instilled great energy and devotion in her. Knowing this, her husband too took a dip in the Pushkarini. While he was emerging from the pond, Srikurmanadha appeared before him as an idol with Shanka and Chakra. The Lord told Bhillu to install him and worship with devotion. He informed the same to the then ruler of the region and had the temple built for Srikurmanadha. The Bhillu then renounced worldly pleasures and because deeply devoted to the Lord, begging for final emancipation. The Lord ordained him to go to Sadangamuni Ashram that was on the west side of the temple and lead a useful life for a while to get Moksha. But the Bhillu was reluctant to go away from the vision of the Lord. Srikurmanadha grew kind and turned His face from the East to West as the Bhillu would go to the Ashram which was on the West side of the temple.

Srikurmanadha temple has two flag masts. One in the East and another in the West. The Eastern one is said to be the original and the West one is believed to be raised by Sri Ramanujacharya after the Lord turned His face to the West. Srikurmam is the only temple in the world where the Lord appears in the avatar of 'Kurma'. Devotees have to pass through Mukhamantap to enter the sanctum sanctorum. All can get clear and satisfactory darshan of Srikurmanadha who installed on a raised platform to the South of sanctum sanatorium. Within the temple complex, devotees ca have darshan of Kalabhairava, Sri Venugopalaswamy, Sri Bhagavaddramanujulu, Sri Vyasa Maharshi, Mahalakshmi and Durgadevi. There is a Pushkarini at a distance, infront of the Kurmanadha temple. It is said that Lord Mahavishnu Himself dug the pool with his Sudarshan Chakra. A bath in the Pushkarini will remove all sins and destroy diseases especially arthritis, rheumatism and body pains. Pitru Karmas are also performed here. The departeed souls take rest in peace in this Kshetra.

Kurmanadha Swamy temple at Srikakulam is splendid and rich with art and architecture. There are 210 pillars in the temple. Every pillar in the temple has its individual identity. The main temple tower is called Padmavimana . The region consisting of the temple area is called Swethachelam.
Dolosaava will be observed with traditional pomp and gaiety in the bright half of Trayodasi in the Lunar month of Phalguna on the day of Uttaraphalguni star. Special festivals will be observed in the month of Vaisakha masam on the eve of Sri Kurma Jayanti. Daily worship and archana are performed in the temple.
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