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Our vedas area great source of management thoughts also. They set values for managers and administrators. States the qualities and traits they should possess to carry out their jobs.
Our politicians(ministers and MLAs too are managers and administrators)
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The Vedas, which represent the treasure house of our ancient value systems, mention about the significance of key human values which are important for modern managers and administrators as well. These are:
(a) satyam Truth
(b) tapah Austerity
(c) damah Sense control
(d) Samah Tranquility of mind
(e) dharmah Righteousness;
(f) dAnam Charity
(g) dayA Mercy;
(h) nyAsah Renunciation.
The Bhagavad GItA specifies twenty values which are immensely relevant for any manager or adminstrator in the modern day corporate context also. All these are very useful for proper governance:
(a) amAnitvam Humility
(b) adambhitvam Pridelessness
(c) ahimsA Non-violence
(d) kshAnti Tolerance
(e) Arjavam Simplicity
(f) AcaryopAsanam Service to the teacher
(g) Saucam Cleanliness (internal and external)
(h) sthairyam Steadfastness
(i) Atma vinigraha Self-control
(j) vairAgyam Renunciation
(k) anahankAra Absence of ego
(l) janmamrtyu jarAvyAdhi duhkha doshAnudarSanam Reflection of the sufferings of life-death, old age-disease, and distress
(m) Asakti Non-attachment
(n) anabhishvanga putradAragrhAdishu Detachment towards son and wife
(o) nityam samacittatvam ishtanishtopapattishu Equanimity amidst pleasant and unpleasant happenings
(p) mayi cAnanyayogena bhaktiravyabhicariNI Constant and unalloyed devotion towards God
(q) vivikta deSa sevitvam Love for solitary life
(r) aratir janasamsadi Detachment towards company of people
(s) adhyAtmajnana nityatvam Understanding the importance of self-realisation
(t) tattvajnAnArtha darSanam Philosophical search of the ultimate truth.

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