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Greetings and Namaste. Thai (Makara) Amavasya falls on 23-Jan-2012 and Vasant Panchami on 28-Jan-2012. In this connection, I am happy to include one rare stuti for each occasion.

1. Pitru Stuti - Brihad Dharma Puranam - this is a short, sweet and rare prayer to Pitrus by Lord Brahma in Chapter 2 describing Pitru Matru Bhakti. This hymn is prescribed to be chanted every day morning, in front of one's father as an obeisance to him, one's own birthdays and on the Shraddha days of forefathers (Pitrus). Lord Brahma says that this is capable of atoning all sorts of ill deeds by one and pleasing Pitrus.

2. Sri Sarasvati Stuti - Varaha Puranam - Vasant Panchami is associated with Goddess Sarasvati worship. The attached is a short prayer by Lord Brahma on Goddess Sarasvati as told to Dharani (Earth) by Lord Varaha. Here Sarasvati is worshipped of the goddess of creation (Srishti).

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