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  • greetings and enquiry

    Hope you are greatly interested in forum affairs and simply posting a lot of threads. it is really very good of you to show such enthusiasm in this forum. As you are a moderator I would like to bring to your immdiate attention about a uniform man standing between us and giving a lot of inconvenience. Is he so an important image and I do not know what good he is doing for the members. If you could please see that this image is removed forthwith. I just returned from sholinghur aftera stay of about 40 days there. i hope to take some interest in posting my threads if i feel important. Hope you feel your new assignment very interesting.
    With regards

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    Re: greetings and enquiry

    Dear Sir ,
    Very very glad to have seen you after a very long period. Well if there is any personal message left unread by you then he will be present , till you read the message . It is the indication for a member that he has a personal message pending unread. Sir I would like to know about SravaNa Vratham, probably our bmbc sir and gopalan sir are busy and facing some internet problem.Hope to receive information about SravaNa vratham from you atyour earliest convenience.
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