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    One of my friend brought to light a solution suggested by MahaPeriyava to preserve the Vedas.
    Hindus/Brahmins can take an LIC Policy and assign it to a Vedic School of his/her choice.
    1) Our duty of preserving Vedas fulfilled even in case of an unforseen incident.
    2) Income Tax Rebate for the yearly premium amount.
    If we are already donating to Vedic Schools, we may set a small amount aside in this manner so that it benefits the Vedic School, Vedas and thus the whole world in the long run.
    Many attractive policies are available.
    I have taken one. Wish you pass this message and take a policy as well.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara
    Hara Hara Shankara
    Vande Mataram

    Hi All
    With due respects, I totally disagree with most of the group
    members views. If tamil is the mother tounge, one should know that and
    there is nothing like speaking English like americans or europians etc.
    This is were we drift. My relatives are all over the globe who are on
    top positions and never talk in any country's slang.

    I do agree that we should learn languages. But, I strongly believe
    that we should talk and also should know read/write our mother tounge.
    See malayalees...learn from them. They speak malayalam wherever they
    go and do not boast saying that we speak only the local languages at

    We as Tamilians, should not forget our root and past. Telling that
    one does not know Tamil, being a tamil is not something great. See AR
    Rahman spoke in Tamil soon after he got the Oscar....

    We tamilians should speak tamil, sperad our unique culture and I totally disagree to those who has a different opinion.
    Vimal Iyer,

    It is true...we were the only subscribers of Ananda Vikatan from
    early 50s. In my place too, near Kottayam, almost everyone speaks
    malayalam at home and do not know why ? We speak only Tamil at home and
    has succeeded in educating the basiscs of Tamil and our culture. As of
    today I have succeeded. Even if other iyers talk malayalam, I reply
    them only in Tamil
    Vimal Iyer,
    Dear Members

    From a purely practical point of view, I will say knowledge of
    Malayalam is highly beneficial. Unlike Tamizh Nadu, brahmins are not
    hated in Kerala. If one speaks Malayalam anywhere in the world , the
    Malayalis immediately come forward to help irrespective of
    caste/religion etc. No wonder Kerala brahmins love Malayalam, which
    incidentally has a close relation with Tamizh.

    Dear Members,
    Sri G.V's write up is interesting. He need not have any misgiving about
    being considered neither as a Tamilian or a Malayalee. This is the
    experience of Tamilians migrated to other language states or countries.
    One will not feel out of sorts if he identifies himself with the people
    of the place where he lives. "While in Rome, be a Roman."

    Dear Iyer Friends
    The late Shri Malayatoor Ramakrishnan[IAS} had vividly explaind the plight of Iyers in his book "VERUKAL" [Root}. This book was acclaimed as one of the best novels and received many awreds/prizes.

    In this book u can come across many Tamil words interpersed usually done by Kerala Iyers.

    R S Naman,