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12 Important Dos and Don'ts After your Caesarean Delivery

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  • 12 Important Dos and Don'ts After your Caesarean Delivery

    The effects of a c-section vary from one woman to the other and so does the recovery time. Here are some important dos and doníts for you if you have just delivered a baby through caesarean.

    1. Pain - C-sections will cause pain if you are not given the right painkillers. So do ask for them if they have not been given to you.

    2. Epidural Ė After an epidural, take help from the nurses to know how best to begin moving. They might also teach you how to hold your hand over the operated section, when you cough etc, so that it does not pain so much.

    3. Walk - Walking around will be tough, but donít let that stop you from trying, even if that is just waddling. The more you move, the easier the blood circulation post surgery will become, thus reducing the possibility of a blood clot.

    4. Breast Feeding - Breast feed as soon as possible as that will help the uterus to shrink. Usually the best breast feeding positions for those who have delivered through a c-section is by lying down sideways, or sitting propped up and using a nursing cushion. Ask the nurse to help you, especially if this is your first time.

    5. Clothes - Make sure that you wear appropriate clothes, so that it does not rub against sore region of your body.

    6. Belt - Use a caesarean belt around your stomach for a few months after the operation. It will prevent your scar from suddenly getting a tear because of your moving around, and the possibility of developing a post operation sagging stomach is also reduced.

    7. At Home

    • It takes at least six weeks to recover. During this period make sure that you don't lift any heavy objects or do any strenuous household work that will put pressure on the scar.
    • If you have elder children in the family then its best to get extra help as even lifting kids will increase the chances of the adversely affecting the scar.

    8. Exercise Ė Itís normal that you will look different. The best way to get back into shape is through exercise. But don't begin visiting the gym immediately. For starters, do simple movements, like swinging on a swing with slow feet movement.

    9. Physical Relations - Don't rush into physical relations post your operation. Do consult your doctor and then go ahead but only after you are mentally and physically prepared for the same. Speak to your spouse about it as well.

    10. Food - In the initial days post your surgery avoid greasy, heavy or carbonated foods. Your organs are still sensitive and in the recovery mode.

    11. Drive - There is no rule that says you will have to wait six weeks to begin driving. But the slight stomach pain might prevent you from doing so. And chances of getting hurt, in cases of sudden jerks and braking, can be there. It is best to get an 'ok' letter from your doctor in this regard.

    12. Depression Ė Depression post a C-section is also normal. If you are feeling the blues, talk to your doctor or to someone who you are very close to. There is nothing to be ashamed about such feelings.

    Finally, do remember that nowadays it no longer holds true, that if a mother delivers her first child through caesarean, the second cannot be through a normal birth. So do speak to your doctor about the birth type in advance.

    Disclosure - This is for information purpose only and all readers must check with their doctors before proceeding or in case of any doubts.