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  • Yoga for back pain

    Back pain can be a pain throughout the day, but we give you the ointment for relief. Our fitness coach, Arnav Sarkar shared his opinion on exercise for back pain, but now we give you an ancient solution to this age old problem.

    Yoga is another form of exercise to relieve you from back pain and the person to guide us through yoga poses for back pain relief is our yoga expert, Rashmi Ramesh. She takes you through helpful yoga poses for back pain that will give you complete back pain relief.

    Yoga for back pain: Yoga poses for lower back pain

    Rashmi Ramesh divides yoga for back pain into 1. Poses for lower back pain, and 2. Poses for upper back pain. Simply because different muscles form the upper and lower back; therefore these muscles need different exercises to relieve you of back pain.

    She kicks off this yoga for back pain post with yoga poses to relieve you of lower back pain, a common issue with today's working people.
    Yoga for back pain: Adho Mukhswanasan or Inverted V position

    Rashmi says, "This pose is performed by placing your feet and palms on the floor about 5 feet apart while pushing your hips upwards so as to make an inverted V with your body. It is very effective to stretch out the back and provides relief for lower back pains."

    The inverted V straightens out the bones and muscles, a posture to relieve you of lower back pain.

    Yoga for back pain: Shashank Asan or Child's Pose

    Rashmi says, "Sitting in Vajrasan, place your head forward towards the floor and stretch your hands out in front of you. This relaxes the abdominal muscles and provides relief to the lower back."

    This involves sitting crossed leg on the floor; this posture is great to stretch the core muscles including your lower back.
    Yoga for back pain: Hastapadasan or Forward Bending

    Rashmi says, "Stand straight, as you exhale, bend forward and down. Hold the position for a few breaths and relax the head and neck."

    This is a simple yoga pose that you can practice even at work. The breathing can de-stress, while the yoga pose can ease the tension from your neck while relieving you from lower back pain.
    Yoga for back pain: Yoga poses for upper back pain

    Upper body pain feels like you are carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders. To take away your burden, Rashmi Ramesh shares effective yoga poses to ease upper back pain.

    "Most upper back pain arises due to a static life or constantly sitting in one position. For example, sitting in front of the computer and keeping your hands at a certain angle. It is very essential to keep the circulation going in the neck and upper back areas. Simple warming up of the neck with rotations will help to avoid upper back aches," rightly said Rashmi.

    Yoga for back pain: Upper back pain pose #1

    Rashmi says, "Interlock both the hands behind your back and stretch your hands as if someone is pulling your hands from the back. This should help to ease some pain. Once you hold this for a few breaths, still keeping the hands held behind the back, bend forward and down and stretch your hands upwards. Keep your neck relaxed as your upper body bends forward."

    This is a common pose for athletes, dancers and yoga practioners. It is simple and makes you flexible to carry out any physical activity.
    Yoga for back pain: Paschimotanasan

    Rashmi Ramesh says, "Sitting with your legs straight in front of you, stretch forward and touch your hands to your toes if possible also try to touch your head to your knees. Hold for 5 to 6 breaths."

    This may seem back breaking, but the expert knows best! Stretching your muscles is the key to easing your tight muscles, thus easing you from upper body back pain.

    Yoga for back pain: Purvotasana

    Rashmi says, "The counter pose is purvotasana. Sitting on the floor with your legs in front of you, place your palms on the floor behind you with your fingers pointing towards you. Raise your hips off the floor and keep your knees straight. Ensure your body is in a diagonal line and try touching your toes to the floor. Hold for 5 to 6 breaths. Purvotasana helps to strengthen the upper back."

    Best for the last! Rashmi shares the best yoga pose to ease out upper back pain. It may seem challenging but it surely straightens out back pain in your upper body.

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