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    Author: Shri M.Natarajan, IPS (Retd DG Police, MP)

    I had the honor and privilege of having my first darshan of Mahaswamigal in 1953 when I accompanied my uncle to Kanchi for witnessing the holy ceremonies associated with the assumption of asceticism by Pujya Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal. Since then I have visited Kanchi off and on, to pay my respects to the gurus. Never did I yearn for any specific favour such as to overcome a personal misfortune or achieve success in any undertaking. But in retrospect, I attribute the smooth progression in my career to hold the post of DG of police, M.P., the subsequent appointment as Advisor to Governor, opportunity to study at the Oxford University for one year in my mid-career, Presidential awards for gallantry and distinguished service, the satisfaction arising out of the academic and professional achievements of my two sons who are well settled with their families, the steady growth of ‘Sharda Vidya Mandir’ H.S. School, Bhopal, into an institution of excellence and the restoration to good health of my wife after cancer surgery and of myself after a by-pass operation, to the munificent and benign blessings of Kanchi Maha Periyaval

    One unique instance of Mahaperiyaval’s psychic power comes to my mind. In the year 1985, late D.N. Ahuja, who was my dear friend and colleague, was posted as Executive Director (Security) in ONGC at Dehradun. In the course of an official tour, he along with his wife happened to visit Kanchi looking for silk sarees. Their escort informed the couple that Mahaswamigal attracted a much larger number of people who came to have His darshan. Not being religiously inclined, Ahuja brushed aside the idea when he learnt that he would have to wait in a hall and wear a dhoti after discarding his upper garments. However, on the insistence of his wife, he gave in and took his place in a congested hall. The air was thick with the smell of perspiration emanating from the bare bodied gathering, causing much discomfort to Ahuja. After a lapse of 45 minutes, he saw a frail old man slowly moving up to the dais, taking His seat and raising His hand to bless the congregation. On beholding the Saint, Ahuja had a strange sensation all over his body and found that the air had turned fragrant. He felt elated and the realization dawned that he was in Divine presence. As he walked past the Saint, he was still in a trance and felt that God himself was present before him clad in a single piece of ochre clothing.

    The strange experience of Ahuja who was not a devotee and joined the assemblage after initial misgivings convinced me that Maha Periyaval proffered His divine grace to different people in His own inimitable way to turn their minds towards God.