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Is it right to hold the Sacred knot During Gayathri Japam?

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  • Is it right to hold the Sacred knot During Gayathri Japam?

    Dear Acharya Swamin, Vanakkam. I request you to clarify certain doubts in Sandhyavandanam in Sri Vaishnava Community.

    1. During Gayathri Japam, (morning/noon/evening), is it right to hold the Sacred knot/s (Brahma Gantu in Kannada) with the thumb and central finger concealed in valli during meditation ? Some non-SriVaishnavites do not agree to this. What should be the place of the hand according to the time of Sandhyavandanam-above chest/on the chest/lower abdomen).

    2. Can manasic Sandhyavandanam without bath (morning) permissible when one is not well or one is in transit?

    Pl. provide a solution at the earliest.

    With regards,
    Adiyen Dasan


    1. No need to hold the Sacred Knot(s) while doing Gayathri Japam; because both hands will have the work of counting Gayathri. So, it is said, both hands to be kept at a height equal to chest.

    2. Sandhya Vandhanam can be done even without bath. No need to do it as 'Manasikam' it can done as usual.
    But, it is not for regular practice, when one is not in station and when there is no possibility to take bath before the end of 'GowNa Kaalam' (maximum grace period) to do Sandhya Vandhanam.

    Manasika Sandhyavandhanam also will be useful when one is in bed disease.


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