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  • SaalagrAmam Aaradhanam

    Bhagavan makes His presence in SaaLagraama Moorthams and makes His abode in our homes for us to worship Him without major effort.

    SaaLagramam worship is easy to perform.

    His saanidhyam in SaaLagrama Silais and worship of Him in that form is an ancient tradition for us.
    The identification of SaaLagrAma Moorthy is a complex subject for Experts. There are many forms of the Lord associated with individual SaaLigramams. There is a monograph (may be out of print) on how to identify them and which one are not to be acquired for house hold AarAdhanam.
    Usually, Sri VaishNavite households have their SaaLigramams handed thru generations .At the time of Family celebrations, the elder blesses the next generation with the present of a SaaLigrAmam. Lot of people today have SaaLigramams in their poojA Grahams and do not know what Moortham they have.
    There are many ways in which He is present in the SaaLigrama form. The Moorthy LakshaNams and the identification of such LakshaNams to determine the particular saannidhyam of the Lord has been covered in various PurANams and SrI tatthva Nidhi. Experts at SrI matam (AhObila Matam) and dhivya dEsams (archakAs) can help with the identification of the individual Moorthis. For instance , there are 16 variations of SrI KrishNa SaaLigrAmam , 13 of SrI Narasimhan ( Baala Narasimhan , Suddha VarAha Narasimhan , VidhAraNa Narasimhan , RaakshasAnthaka Narasimhan , VivruthAsya Narasimhan , LakshmI Narasimhan , Haara Narasimhan , VibhIshaNa Narasimhan ,AdhO Mukha Narasimhan, Kapila Narasimhan et al). There is a dozen types of Raama SaaLigrAmams.
    SrIman M.S.KrishNamachariar has cataloged the various forms of SaalagrAmams and their LakshaNams in his 1981 monograph entitled "SaaLagrAma SilOthpatthi Vimarsanam". Here, he talks about the location in NepAl , where GaNdaki River , a tributary of Gangai flows.
    There are number of ways to perform AarAdhanam for SaaLagrAmams at one's home :
    1) Taantric way with ShOdasOpachArams.
    2) Standard Bhagavath AarAdhanam followed by VishNava Dinacharya established by AchArya RaamAnujA ( please refer to AchArya RaamAnujA intractive multimedia CD ROM for details or ask for help from the family elders or AchAryAs).
    3) Chathurvimsathi Murthi sthOthra KaTana PoojA This is simpler and any one can do it by reciting this sthOthram in front of SaaLagrAmam(s) and offer Pushpam , Milk and NaivEdhyam. Thirumanjanam can be done with few spons of milk as well.
    4) Those who are in a hurry can take few minutes to recite the two dhyAna slOkams, perform japam of AshtAksharam , offer milk, TaambhOlam, Karpoora haratthi . The SaaLagrama Moorthys at home should not be neglected and starved since inauspiciousness will result otherwise to the home.
    The two dhyAna slOkams are:
    dhyAyAmi Devam LakshmIsam Sankha-chakra-gadhAdharam
    PeethAmBara paridhAnam Padhmasannibha lOchanam
    Mandasmitha mhukhAmbhOjam madhanAyutha Sundaram
    MaayAnirmitha lOkaougam mEgasyAmaLa vigraham
    SrI LakshmI NaarAyaNam dhyAyAmi

    NamO NamasthE KaruNAlaya NamO NamasthE KamalAdhavAya
    NamO NamasthE JagathAm cha srashtrE namO namasthE nathsOka harthrE
    ThrAhi maam KaruNAsindhO ! Paahi maam KamalApathE!
    Thvayi bhakthi: sadhaivAsthu mama sarvArTadhAyini
    (PraNavam ) NamO NaarAyaNa ..Subhamasthu.

    Even on days in which one is unable to perform AarAdhanam for SaaLagrAma Moorthys, The ladies of the house or children can recite the above slOkAs in front of the Moorthys, offer the food cooked for the day as naivEdhyam and complete the aarAdhanam this way.

    SaaLagrAma dhAnam is one of the most auspicious dhAnam.

    At Sudarsana Sannidhi at Kaanchi, One can see a large number of Sudarsana SaaLagrAmams.

    When one is unable to perform SaaLagrama PoojA, which is the easiest daily ritual to perform, one should give them away to temples or to those, who can accept that daily duty.

    The dhivya dEsam of SaaLaigrAmam is a svyam vyaktha sthalam (where the Lord is self-manifest).It is 60 miles away from Kaatmandu in NepAl on the banks of GaNdaki river.

    When there are dozen or more SaaLagrAmams at any home, then that home is considered as a dhivya dEsam.
    Two AzhwArs have performed MangaLAsAsanam for the dhivya dEsam of SaaLagramam:

    PeriyAzhwAr: His Thirumozhi:2.9.5 , 4.7.9

    Kaliyan: 10 Paasurams in 1.5 Periya Thirumozhi.

    Soruce: Varadhachariar Sadagopan