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    Our Sanathana Dharma strongly believes in eradicating inner as well as outer imperfections by destroying undesirable elements and enriching positive energies in the environment. To attain the goal of energizing and protecting the inner self and environment, our sanathana dharma has given a significant place to homam.

    Homams are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for ages. The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, in Bhagavad Gita quotes, "This creation is a yagna". Yagna also means sacrifice and by this He meant that creation is an eternal flow of birth and death. It is a sacrifice where one’s death gives way for the birth of another, continuously, something gets sacrificed for something to arise. This is one way the Vedas interpret the creation and in the purview of the Vedas, the homam is but a miniature model of this Universal Sacrifice.

    Conducting a homam brings more values to the family. Different scientific experiments have already proven that homams destroy harmful bacteria in the environment.

    The Srivaishnava clan does not perform any act which has a specific selfish end. This sampradayam only prays for the well being of the Supreme Soul. Why should a mother be requested to lend her child what it wants? She knows it herself and will give the child what it needs at the appropriate time. That is how our Emperuman is. Who better knows what we need when than Him? Hence, though there are a number of Homams which have a direct Vedic sanction, we abstain from performing them in the fear that our Swaroopam will get seriously mutilated (i.e. the state of Being for Him and expecting only Him).

    Sudharshana is the personification of the Discus held by Lord Vishnu. Lord Sudharshana is the chief deity of this powerful Homam who uses his mighty weapon “Chakra” to grant immediate relief to the sufferings of his devotees. Also, the sins are abolished by his grace.

     (excerpts from - Incident of the divine manifestation- courtesy Srimaan Trust 
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    Re: Sudarshana Homam

    Dear Mr.Soundararajan,
    I hope you are trying to use the bbcodes
    and you have succeeded in that.
    But, for this particular post,
    we are not able to read the contents found with checked background.
    Can you consider to remove that and use the better one like yellow background?!
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


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      Re: Sudarshana Homam

      Dear Admin Sir,
      What is the reason of the normal posting background color is differing in
      different browsers.
      Particularly in Chrome the background color is not readable.
      Please make necessary changes.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.


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        Re: Sudarshana Homam

        Dear Sri Vasan Sir ,
        Thank you very much for having pointed out the mistakes in using the bbcode . i have corrected the same. sorry for the inconvenience.


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          Re: Sudarshana Homam

          Mr.Vasan sir,
          It appears that Mr.Soundararajan have removed the checkered pattern. I also wanted to try the checked pattern in one of my post, . By the way could you please let me know where only the checkered pattern is to be used?
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            Re: Sudarshana Homam

            Mr.vasan Sir,
            Is there special rule that only certian posts alone should be shown under checkered pattern. What is the BB Code for checkered pattern?
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              Re: Sudarshana Homam

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                Re: Sudarshana Homam

                This is a text boxed.

                  this is a text boxed  
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                  Re: Sudarshana Homam

                  In the above ,my text is not fully boxed either with two verticle lines at the ends or with one side not boxed etc., where is the trouble how it is to be proceeded with. Let me know with samples and steps by steps.


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                    Re: Sudarshana Homam

                    Mr.Narasimhan Sir.
                    I don't know anything about bbcodes, yet to learn.
                    I found you are mastering that?!
                    You have put your questions to the Admin sir only.
                    I just mentioned my difficulty to read the content with that pattern as background.


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                      Re: Sudarshana Homam

                      Now I request our Administrator to guide and help me how to box a text, since I have shown above my failed trail to box a text.


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                        Re: Sudarshana Homam

                        Originally posted by P.S.NARASIMHAN View Post
                        Dear Sriman PSN Swamin,
                        The box bbcode is working normally,
                        the problem is with the ruled background only.
                        The space between the rules are not enough for box bbcode, so, it is not able to show the full box.
                        To overcome this,
                        You can use some other bbcodes like [link] to override the ruled background.

                        Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
                        please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
                        Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
                        Best Wishes and Best Regards,


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                          Re: Sudarshana Homam

                          I shall follow your instructions and try again, and show it in the post. Mr Soundarajan has successfully boxed an item the last sentence, but in mycase the same type has failed. After a try I shall let you know...Narasimhan


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                            Re: Sudarshana Homam

                            பி. எஸ்.என் சார்பி பி கோட்
                            [div3] try for checked pattern.அது சரி பேக்கிரவுண்ட் ப்ரவுன் கலருக்கு என்ன கோட்
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