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    Bhagawan used to have two pieces of small clothes with him. He used to use these for covering very little part of his body, irrespective of the season. He would store one cloth in a small hole in a tree and sometime later, he would actually wash it and dry it and then use it.

    One day one of his followers became curious and wanted to know what he was hiding in that hole of the tree. He went there and pulled the cloth out of that. He was shocked to see that the cloth had more holes than the cloth itself. He asked Bhagawan, "Bhagawan! You have so many followers and many of them are stinkingly rich. Cant they get u a simple untorn loin cloth for you to wear?" Bhagawan responded, "Who said I am poor and I needed a untorn loin cloth? Dont u see this? This has so many holes in it like Sahasraaksha (One with 1000s of eyes). Indra is also known as Sahasraaksha. In Rudraadhyaayam (Namakam recited during Rudrabhshekham), Sahasraaksha is one name used to address the Lord. I feel as if Indra is wrapping me.

    What more privilege a human being can have in a life?" But he never took any money or anything from any body because Bhagwan never had to touch money (only once after ran away from home).

    Source: harikrishnamurthy