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  • திருமணத் தடை நீக்கும் ராமதூதன்

    அஞ்சனை மைந்தன், ஸ்ரீராமபிரானின்...
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  • Theetu vishayam complete details in Tamil

    ஒரு ஆணுக்கு பிறக்கும்...
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  • How to wear Dwadasa(12) Thiruman Srichurnam

    Complete mantrams and procedures to wear Dwasa (12) Thiruman Srichurnam
    with pictures and description....
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  • Abhivadhi for familiar gothras

    Abhivadhi for about 20 gothras are given as a table in a seperate html file.
    click here to go to Abhivadhi...
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  • Sandhya Vandhanam full Procedures in Tamil Iyengar, Video for Iyer

    காலை, மதியம், மாலை...
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  • ஏகதசி-வகைகள்-விரத சிறப்பு

    ஏகாதசியில் எத்தனை வகை உள்ளது அவை யாவை அவற்றின் சிற்ப்புகள் விரத மகிமைகள் குறித்த விவரங்கள் அளிக்கக்கோறுகிறேன்
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  • Read Valmiki Ramayana - Part-01

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  • Sri Rama Navami - Pooja Kramam -Download pdf

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  • soundararajan50
    started a topic Post number

    Post number

    How to find out the post number?
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  • R.Varadarajan
    started a topic Changes again?

    Changes again?

    I find that today sometime after 9a.m. the line of topics like new posts,quick links which we used to click to find :todays post etc. the entries in the...
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  • English to Sanskrit Unicode Converter is available now in our site

    Sri: ...
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  • Online Photo Editor - Simple and Easy!

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  • How to know the Panchangam details

    How to search to know the details of panchangam of a particular date from our forums Sri Paranthaman Panchangam?
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  • saraswathis
    started a topic saraswathis Intro

    saraswathis Intro

    I am from kanchipuram. I work in HCL Technologies. I am interested in slokas and bhakti songs. Namaste!! Jai Hind!!
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  • ramakrishna iyer
    started a topic cookie policy

    cookie policy

    Dear Swamins

    This display comes on left corner of the page of brahmins net ? what is this

    Cookie Policy

    This site uses...
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