This year karadayar nonbu falls on 10-03-2013 at 4-30 PM to 4-50pm. as per driganitha panchangam.Powder raw kaar rice and add toordhall and make it as adai. Draw kolams in the pooja room lit kuthu vilakku. according to number of females in that house place banana leaves. nuni facing north or east. The number of banana leaves should be in even numbers.

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At the nuni place of the banana leaf place 2 betels, 2 betel nuts, one banana fruit, and manjal coated twine nool (saradu) adorned with flower on one edge of the saradu. put 2 jaggery adai and 2 hot adai and butter. All the female members of the family must stand before the leaves , pour water three times clockwise round the banana leaf.

Utter ''urugaatha vennayum oradiyum undaanaalum oru naalum en kanavar ennai vittu priyathu irukka vendum."

Then the eldest female member of the family used to tie one saradu to the amman and another on her neck saying the following slokam. DHORAM GRUHNAMI SUBHAGAY SAHAARIDHRAM DHARAAMYAHAM BARTHUHU AAYUSHYA SIDHYARTHAM SUPREETHA BHAVA SARVATHA.

then she has to tie for all the members of her family saying this slokam.Then all of them must eat the adai. On the next day morning 2 adais will be given to the cow.