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12-12-2011, 10:04 AM
What do we do if Hiranya sraartham is conducted by vadyaars in a perfunctory manner. Few

vaadyars do the hiranya sraartham in the same manner as amavasya tharpanam. Either

they do not the know the mantras or the format or they are half-learned. This sort of sorry spectacle

cannot be forgiven; the sufferers are old people who know the rituals and who cannot

get hold of a knowledgeable vaadyar.


12-12-2011, 11:31 AM
Dear Swamin,
I could understand your feelings.
I also wish to say some of my feelings in reciprocation.
When I started the online vaideeka ritual content postings, I thought
people will utilize our vaideeka knowledge to do their rituals in a perfect manner,
by using myself as a Brahma (not as a vahdyar, as they have their own family vadhyar).

By using myself as virtual Brhma I can tell the physical vadhyar as how he has to conduct
that ritual in a perfect manner as per shastras. If required I can convince that vadhyar
with the evidences I have.
By doing this a healthy ritual society will start developing I thought.

But, what to say, even after 15 years of internet helping services very few only asked me to do so.

Let it be.

Now, here under I am giving the complete mantram for a Hiranya Shradham in pdf.

13-12-2011, 10:10 PM
I am at a place where a vadhyaar is to be had from thirty miles provided he is free ;otherwise I will have to go to a temple
to perform the sraartham with my brother. As I have explained, I have been and am following your formats for various anushtanams
religiously but for Hiranya Sraartham I would not like to do it myself without a vaadhyaar. If I were in chennai I would have certainly
had you or thru your assistance got a vaadhyaar who is well versed. Your grip over all the subjects is amazing. I am not satisfied
with the vaadhyaars performance here in general.

with best wishes