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Looking at Parasurama Avatar differently.

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  • Looking at Parasurama Avatar differently.

    Looking at Parasurama Avatar differently.

    Any Avatar of Sri. Maha Vishnu is to re establish Dharma, law and order, and to protect the Sadhus or saints and to destroy the evil elements of the society. This is what is said Bhagawat Gita also.

    But there is an underlying lesson we learn from these Avatars.

    Scientifically one can notice that the first six avatars have striking similarity with the evolution of life.
    We see that this avatar resembles an early man, who is brutal and warrior-like, lives a nomadic life and is barbaric in nature. He has developed from the pygmy sized-human (Vamana) form to a normal human being. Thus, this rightly fits into the evolution process, the chain-link of which is detailed below
    Matsya (fish-aquatic) -> Kurma (tortoise-amphibian) -> Varaaha (boar-mammal) -> Narasimha (half animal - half man) -> Vamana (pygmy-human) -> Parasurama (early man)
    Like every Avatar was taken with a specific task in mind , this Avatar is not only to make Mother Earth more peaceful and to bring human civilization back on the right track and more to harmonious and agrarian society. That is the reason this Avatar is shown with with a peculiar weapon or Tool which is common tool with every farmer in India.

    It was important to introduce agrarian revolution for sustained food supply; Human just can not thrive only on hunting alone; land cultivation was also important.

    Do you see my point please?

    That is why Parasurama was shown as the first stage of man looks brutish, violent, with an axe

    Any sharp stone can be transformed into an axe and it also indicates the first settlement of humans in forests; only cultivation can save humans and usher sustained growth.

    This is my humble thoughts about Parasurama Avatar.

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    Re: Looking at Parasurama Avatar differently.

    Good thinking to add the Gunas of human obeying one's father ,Anger and the attitude of taking revenge etc