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Why Temple Prasadams tastes Super o Super?

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  • Why Temple Prasadams tastes Super o Super?

    Why Temple Prasadams tastes Super o Super?

    When i was a kid, I used to spend my summer holidays at my grand parents home which was very near to Sri. Varadaraja Perumal Temple , Kancheevaram .

    My cousins also used to come there during that period. We all go to Temple at the time of distributing Prasadams in the evenings. Most of the days we used to get Puliyodari in small cups made up of leaves called’ dhonnai’
    What a taste, nothing to beat perumal koil puliyodari!!

    Temple prasadams whether it is Puliyodarai, or ven pongal, or sakara pongal or Thair sadam, tastes super o super..!!

    Why it is so tasty?

    Prasadam (a Sanskrit word) is food that has first been offered to God. Meaning “the Lord’s mercy”, prasadam is prepared by devotees specifically for God and offered to Him with devotional prayers, and is thus considered sacred.

    The cook who prepares these prasadams prepare it with Bakthi. ( Sri.Radhakrishanji already pointed out this)

    To offer food to Lord and to take remnants as prasadam is a spiritual activity.

    According to the subtle laws of nature, the cook acts upon the food not only physically but mentally as well. Food thus becomes an agent for subtle influences on your conscious. The principle is the same as that at work with a painting: a painting is not simply a collection of strokes on a canvas but an expression of the artist's state of mind, which affects the viewer.

    Prasadam is considered “karma-free” food since it is sanctified by God. Prasadam is prepared and offered to satisfy the Lord and not to satisfy our senses. We purify ourselves by remembering that God supplies us everything and that we should aim to please Him instead of ourselves. In eating prasadam, we thank God for everything He has done for us and we pray that we will always remember Him.

    In Bhagavad-gītā the Supreme Lord says that He accepts preparations of vegetables, flour and milk when offered with devotion. Patra pupa phala toyam [Bhagavad-gītā 9.26]. Of course, devotion and love are the chief things which the Supreme Personality of Godhead accepts. But it is also mentioned that the prasādam should be prepared in a particular way. Any food prepared by the injunctions of the scripture and offered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead can be taken even if prepared long, long ago, because such food is transcendental. Therefore to make food antiseptic, eatable and palatable for all persons, one should offer food to the Supreme Personality of Godhead." [Bhagavad-gītā 17.10 Purport] Example Palani Panchamirtham.

    When one engages his mind and body in devotional services, he uses his tongue which
    realizes the Supreme God ;And when the same tongue tastes His prasadams again realizes the God since Bakthi is spread throughout his body; the spiritual path eating food that is first offered to God is the ultimate perfection of a vegetarian diet. The Vedic literature explains that the purpose of human life is reawakening the soul’s original relationship with God, and accepting prasadam is the way to help us reach that goal.

    And that is the reason Temple Prasadam is very tasty.
    For example, sometime Vada offered to Hanumanji is without salt, does it not tastes very good?

    Same is the case with Lord Uppiliyappan Koil prasadams. The Prasadam is made without salt. It is told that people who eat salt inside the temple premises will be going to hell. The prasadam given without salt is very very tasty. Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice), Dhadhyonam (Curd Rice), Pongal, Chakkarai Pongal, Vada, Adhirasam, Murukku are offered to Lord as Prasadam.

    Due to its auspicious nature, prasadam should be distributed to as many people as possible. This sanctified food ignites a spiritual spark in the soul which will eventually reawakens one’s dormant love for God. Vedic literature references many historical incidents where people have had the good fortune of partaking of prasadam, sometimes even by accident, and have had their lives made perfect as a result. It is believed that anyone who regularly partakes of it, will at the very least return as a human being in their next life.

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    Re: Why Temple Prasadams tastes Super o Super?

    Very nice explanation now I realise the real reason of the taste of prasadams