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108 name of krishna and meaning

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  • 108 name of krishna and meaning

    Achala(अचल) - The still one
    Achyuta(अच्युत) - Infallible
    Avyukta - Crystal clear one
    Banke Bihari(बाँके बिहारी) - corrupt form of Van Ke Vihari(वन के विहारी) which means one who loves to sport in the forests particularly Vrindavan
    Bihari(बिहारी) - One who plays
    Brajesh(ब्रजेश) - Lord of Braja
    Chakradhari(चक्रधारी) - the bearer of a discus (chakra)
    Damodara(दामोदर) - the Lord when He was tied with a cord (dama) round His waist (udara)
    Dinabandhu(दीनबंधु) - Friend of the afflicted
    Dinanatha(दीनानाथ) - Refuge of destitutes
    Dwarakadisha(द्वारकाधीश) - Lord of Dwaraka
    Dwarakanatha(द्वारकानाथ) - Lord of Dwaraka
    Ghanshyama(घनश्याम) - Dark rain cloud complexioned one
    Giridhari(गिरिधारी) - he who lifted a hill (Govardhana hill)
    Gopala(गोपाल) - cowherd; protector of cows (more accurately protector of life)
    Gopinatha(गोपीनाथ) - Lord of the gopis, or cowherd women.
    Govinda(गोविंद) - protector of cows; also connected with Govardhana hill; see also other meanings.
    Guruvayoorappan - Lord of the temple Guruvayur.
    Hari(हरी) - one who takes away [sins, or who wards off samsara, the cycle of birth and death];[1] the yellow one (the colour of the sun); Hare Krishna is the vocative, viz. "o golden one! o dark-blue one"; see other meanings.
    Ishvara(ईश्वर) - god
    Hrishikesha(हृषिकेश) - 'lord of the senses'.[2]
    Jagannatha(जगन्नाथ) - lord of all places (see also Juggernaut)
    Janardhana(जनार्दन) - One Who Bestows Boons On One And All
    Kaladeva(कालदेव) - the black deity
    Kanha or Kanhaiya(कान्हा, कन्हैया)
    Keshava(केशव) – long haired, beautiful haired; see also other meanings
    Madana Mohana (मदन मोहन)
    Madhava(माधव) - bringer of springtime
    Madhusudanah - killer of demon Madhu
    Morari - killer of the asura named Mora
    Mukhilan- The one with the complexion similar to the rain clouds
    Mukund(मुकुंद) - He who gives you mukti
    Nanda Gopala(नन्द गोपाल)
    Nanda Lal(नन्द लाल) - Beloved of Nanda
    Parambrahman the highest Brahman
    Parameshvara the highest Ishvara, the highest god
    Parthasarathy - charioteer of Partha, another name of Arjuna, a reference to his role with regard to Arjuna in the great battle
    Patitapavana - Purifier of the fallen
    Radha Vallabha(राधा वल्लभ) - lover of Radha
    Ranchhodrai - When he refused to fight the war and fled to Dwarka for the sake of peace. Dakor, Gujarat has a popular temple of Ranchhodraiji. Ran - Field, Chhod - leave.
    Shyamasundara - the beautiful, dark one
    Vāsudeva, Krishna Vasudeva(वासुदेव, कृष्ण वासुदेव)- son of Vasudeva
    Yadhunandana - Son of the Yadu dynasty
    Yogeshwara(योगेश्वर) - the Lord of the Yogis
    Yashoda Nandana(यशोदा नंदन) – child of Yashoda

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