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    Dear Members,
    In this post I am writing about the Kotilinga Temple complex,near Kolar/Bangarapet, Karnataka
    where a crore sivalingas are to be installed as per the plan,I am told.The complex was really huge and the lay out of Lingams nicely organised. Around eleven temples are there in the complex.
    It is worth a visit by religious minded and those who would like to cherish visits to such places.

    A devout Hindu is expected to worship God. His parents, teacher and the guest in his house are also like God.He is expected to be religious and and supportive to Temples so as to spread the belief in God.To a Saivite, Lord Shiva is supreme and is worshiped in the form of a lingam.
    Christianity had a system of paying a tithe,i.e. paying one tenth of one's earnings to the Church,as an offering to God. In our Hindu religion there were no such clear cut forms of contributions ( Info on this is welcome) but everyone was encouraged to do Dhaan,and ofefrings,voluntary, are put in the Hundi/Dhaanpeti in temples.

    In these days one can not even dream of building a Temple on his own.
    Such a person can offer to install a lingam in his name here in the Koti linga complex,near Bangarapet,Karnataka

    Kotilingam is the place where the plan is to have at least 10 million,(one crore)lingams installed.Presently it is said that approx 6.5 million of them are there (heard soneone uttering this figure.Some one knowledgeable may update).Though it is difficult to think of anyone building a Temple for God,what with the cost factor, and atheism abounding asa sort of fashion these days,,one can do his little bit , here in Kotilingam by installing a lingam in his name or anyone’s name for posterity.Three or four types of lingams are theree and costs as little as 1300 / 1700/7000/17000 depending on size.The amount collected goes towards welfare of the poor and other social activities.

    The address is furnished at the end. It is near Kolar. Actually one can engage a Taxi from Bengaluru to come over here and the other places nearby.I am tod they charged around Rs250 for round trip. We went by car from Bengaluru.

    . You are escorted there by a priest accompanied by Nadaswaram and Thavil players , the traditional way of inaugurating a religious ceremony.With proper pooja and aarthi, the function is concluded to your satisfaction.Garlands of vilva leaves and flowers are available for purchase near the temple.

    We installed a lingam as was cherished by my wife Meera and we had absolute satisfaction of having contributed a miniscule something towards our duty.

    I wish every right thinking Hindu, or for that matter a believer in the Almighty to do likewise.

    Schools are run by the trust and guests are fed and lodgings are made available for tourists/pilgrims in Kotilingam.

    The 102 feet tall lingam in the center

    The huge 108 feet tall lingam and 40 feet tall Nandikeswara majestically survey the entire area abounding with lingams of various sizes installed artistically in a planned way.Kotilinga is near Bethamangala, Bangarapet taluk, near Kolar,Karnataka.

    The temple has the largest Linga in Asia which is about 108 feet tall and is accompanied by Nandi (Basava) which is 35 feet tall.
    There are eleven small temples of other deities inside the premises of Kotilingeshwara.
    The first is the Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshwara temple, followed by the main Lord Kotilingeshwara. Goddess Annapoorneshwari Temple, Lord Panduranga Swamy Temple,Panchamukha Ganapathy temple,Lord Venkataramani Swamy Temple, Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita Temple, Lord Anjaneya Temple, Goddess Karumaari Amma Temple, Goddess Kannika Parameshwari Temple.

    The temple is unique as it has more that 88 Lakhs Shivlinga which has already been installed and there are more lined up in this process .Any devotee who visits the temple can offer his/her prayers by installing Lingas. The price for the Lingas depends on the size of the Linga to be installed. Instead of buying inside the temple one should be allowed to carry their own Shivlinga to be installed within the premises

    There is a Mantap or rest house for the Pilgrims beside the temple premises,where people who want to stay and visit the temple can rest free of cost.

    If you plan to go to the temple only then it is a half day trip but definitely one worth going
    .From Bangarapet few buses are available but they do not go directly to the temple and also they are not very frequent, so it is better to grab an auto which charges about Rs 150 if it`s a one way trip or if you plan to come back to the station they charge you Rs 225 to Rs 250.So we took an auto.

    The address is:
    Om Sree Koti Lingeshwara Temple,
    Komma Sandra,
    Bangarapet Taluq,
    Telephone No…91-8153-277530
    Break Image

    Route from Bangalore:
    Driving directions to Koti Lingeshwara Swamy Temple

    Bangalore, Karnataka
    1. Head south-east on Grant Rd
    Pass by Sholl Petrol (on the left)
    350 m
    2. Turn left at Bounce Style Lounge
    onto Lavelle Road
    Pass by Coffe Day (on the left)
    300 m
    3. Turn right at Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd.
    onto Madras Bank Rd
    Pass by Winalite India (on the right)
    210 m
    4. Take the 1st left
    onto St Marks Rd
    Pass by Indian Oil (on the right)
    400 m
    5. Turn right at Advanced Systems Solutions
    onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd/MG Road
    Pass by Deutsche Bank Ag (on the right in 850 m)
    2.0 km
    6. Continue onto Old Madras Rd
    Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the right)
    5.4 km
    7. Slight right at Shiv Mandir
    to stay on Old Madras Rd
    Pass by I-Gate Optics (on the left)
    750 m
    8. Continue onto NH 75
    Pass by Canara Bank (on the left in 3.2 km)
    15.1 km
    9. Continue straight
    onto NH 648
    400 m
    10. Continue onto NH 75
    Pass by Bharath Construction Company (on the right in 4.0 km)
    10.4 km
    11. Slight right to stay on NH 75
    Pass by Confident Amoon- The Glamour Spa and Resort (on the left in 9.6 km)
    30.9 km
    12. Turn right onto SH 5
    Pass by Sri Hanuman Temple (on the right in 600 m)
    15.1 km
    13. Continue onto SH 95
    Pass by Sacret Heart Church (on the right)
    13.3 km
    14. Turn right onto Kodilingam Temple Road
    97 m

    Koti Lingeshwara Swamy Temple
    Koti Lingeshwara Swamy Temple

    Route Map from Bangalore :
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    SORRY. A correction please. In the write up it should read Bangarapet instead of Bengaluru for hiring Auto for RS.250 in para 6. Sorry for the error while typing.