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Non-vegeterianism and alcoholism

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  • Non-vegeterianism and alcoholism


    1. myself and my family are following strict vegetarianism. but very few of my relatives (due to their settling abroad or due to that influence) have started eating non-veg foods and i feel offended from within. pl tell me whether they cease to be Brahmins and is there any scope for condonation of the same in our texts?

    2. i am a social drinker. very occasionally.. say once in two-three months, i consume limited alcohol. but some inner voice keeps on nudging me. pl tell me whether alcohol is totally banned or consuming it will make me non-follower of Brahmanism?

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    Re: Non-vegeterianism and alcoholism

    First I would like to bring in the basic of Brahmanism. It is not a caste – it is a way of life which one has to adopt. In vedas, Madhu (Alchohol), Maadhu (Women) and Soodhu (Gambling) has to be avoided, as the basic principle behind the same is that, it will definitively spoil your presence of mind and consequently the way of life. Brahmanism, upholds the best practice which has been given as vedas. It is a practice and does not symbolize caste and caste practice. Nevertheless, the bramanical practices are the best by convention evolved and formed as a caste and it is characterized and embedded to suit Brahmanical philosopies and principles. Hence our shastras are the top among all others.
    Now coming to the 1st point – Eating non-veg. To uphold the bramanism – a Brahmin should be a satvik and his mental stability should not be disturbed by any external or internal aspects. Eating non-veg will promote rajo and tamas gunas, which is not acceptable ie. accordingly kama and krotha balance shall dominate over the satvik guna defeating the bramanical principle. For this matter, eating even certain vegetarian items shall also lead to spoiling satvik guna for eg: Onion, Garlic, Drum Stick etc… and those veg items promoting satvik gunas are like Vaazhakkai, Ladies finger, Ash gourd etc… As kamam and krotham is dependent on what food you eat, and killing one animal and eating is always against manudharmam, it is always the best to avoid Non-Veg. With regard to condonation, yes you will have to change your yagnopaveetham (Poonool) after reciting specific mantras relating to dhurbhojanam covered in yagnopaveetha dharanam (There are lot of things covered in the definition of Dhurbhojanam to attain the specified gunas).

    Now coming to 2nd Point: Social drinking – drinking or eating anything which spoils the mind should be truly avoided. At the time of drinking you would not be the person whom you are and hence this defeats bramanical principles altogether. Furthermore it spoils your health. Why you need to socially drink if you are compelled to, you be yourself and do not indulge in drinking, this will spoil life all the more.
    Trust this clarifies.
    Warm Regards,
    Hari Hara Ramasubramanian.


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      Re: Non-vegeterianism and alcoholism

      thanks hariram sir. excellently put.