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  • duplicate threads and posts

    a humble suggestion - some members are copying threads and posts from some other forums and pasting here, as if some thing new, but amounting to only duplication. While reading the same, we get bored and sometimes we dont feel like thanking also. Hence if we try to post threads from deep internet wherein other members may be very rarely expected to visit, will be quite interesting, not from any other usual and casual forums where to members will definitely visit regularly.

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    Re: duplicate threads and posts

    If they are the owner of that post in the other forum also,
    there is no fault in that.
    Also, as you have stated, few members only visit all such forums,
    most will not have time to do so.
    By saying this, it should not be understood as I am encouraging the copying work.

    For this reason only I have introduced a new method to bring any web page in our forum without copying and pasting.
    BBCODE is really very powerful, it will reduce lot of our efforts but it will give lot of enhancement to our posts.

    If you like a web page just copy the url of that website and paste it in a new thread under a meaningful title,
    just you have to use the "ifr" bbcode for this to work. Add your comments to that post about why you wanted to share that page.

    All bbcodes will work only within square brackets only.
    The usage format of all bbcode is same open squrare bracket bbcode close square bracket url or content open square bracket /bbcdoe close square bracket

    For example if you want to insert a youtube video below is the bbcode format, you have to change the video url used in the middle.

    Here is the format for using ifr bbcode:

    use the ifr bbcode to bring any website inside your post/thread.
    It is 100% legal, because we are using our forum as a browser to view that site, that is all. Any of their content will not be remain permanently here. That site will be loaded when seeing that thread, and it will be automatically disappeared by closing that thread.
    So, our site will be clean without duplicate content.

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,


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      Re: duplicate threads and posts

      Mr.Radhakrishna iyer ,
      I am sure now you are satisfied with the reply given by our administrator. As for as I am concerned I am a member in two
      forums, and it is but natural for me to post my threads in both the forums if I think that my threads carry some value for the
      members to know. Please do not hurry with your comments or say suggestions without knowing the owner of such posts.
      Many cheers for you sir.


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        Re: duplicate threads and posts

        மாமா சொல்வது ரொம்ப சரி, என்னுடைய ரெசிபிகளும் நிறைய இடங்களில் நீங்க பார்க்கலாம். என்னுடைய சொந்த சைட்களிலும் , மற்றும் சில சைட்களிலும். நிறைய இடத்தில் போடுவதால் நிறைய பேருக்கு உதவும் என்பது என் எண்ணம்
        என்னுடைய சமையல் குறிப்புகளடங்கிய அண்ட்ராய்ட் அப்ளிகேஷன்!

        Dont work hard, work smart