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    1. Anuggai 2. vignesvara pooja. 3. sankalpam. 4. kalasa sthaapanam varuna pooja. 6. punyaha vachanam. 7. graha preethee. 8. nandhi. 9 9. annaprasnam (if not d0one earlier). 10;. rakshabandanam.11. angurarpanam. 12. choula homam. 13. choula digbhavanam. 14. kalla poonal. 15. kumaara bhojanam. 16. shaving; samithu. 17. ammi. 18. vasthram. 19. mounchee. 20. deer skin. 21. prokshanam. 22. hastha grahanam.

    23. pari rakshanam. 24. homam. 25. guru upadesam. 26. upanayana sankalpam. 27. upanayana anuggai.28. graha preethee. 29. padha prakshaalanam.30 . bramhopadesam. 31. phalaasa dhanda dhaaranam. surya dharshanam. 33. samidhadhaanam. 34. guru sishya samvaadham. 35. biksha charanam.36. panavasthrathametha pooja. 37. palaasa homam. 38. guru dhakshinai. 39. aasirvadham. 40. haarathy.

    poorvangam;: yhave bath, have madi vasthram, have marks in fore head have aachamanam, then anuggai=permission, then vigneswara pooja 16 upachara pooja then start for udhaka shaanthi sankalpam, kumbha sthapanam. aasanaadhi 15 upachara pooja udhaka shanthi japam with 6 sastrigals punyaha vachanam prokshanam, praasnam, and snaanam. Graha preethee, naandhee shobhana devatha aahvaanam.

    Now you may do anna praasnam if you have not done earlier, Raksha bhandhanam( prathisara bhadam).kumbha sthaapanam, varuna aavaahanam, 16 upachaara pooja, prathisara manthra japam,varuna sooktham, rudhra sooktham japam. then anguraarpanam 5 paaligai again do punyaha vachanam to have prokshanam for these 5 paaligais.oshadhi sooktham, 5 paaligai pooja,

    Hair cutting =choulam; choula homam, with eight manthras, jayadhi homam; hair cutting on four sides of the head. snaanam; new vasthram. poonal dhaaranam; kumaara bojanam. then standing on ammi chant manthras; gold and siver poonal wearing , mounchee; deer skin wearing with manthras; guru will hold the hand of the vadu chanting manthras and samvadhaas; then guru upadesam; upanayana sankalpam; homam;

    Brahmopadesa anuggai; graha preethee; Brahmopadesam; palasa dhanda dhaaranam; surya darsana manthram; samithuaadhanam; biksha charanam; pranava sradha mehtha pooja- anugai;vigneswara pooja; kalasa sthaapanam 16 upachara pooja; vasthra dhaanam; palaasa homam;guru dhakshinai. eesaanadhi sthamba pooja; aasirvatham; haarathy.

    to be continued in detail:

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    UPANAYANA POORVAANGAM REQUIREMENTS; Turmeric powder 100 gram; kumkumam 25 gra; chandanam 30 gram ;thodutha pushpam 5 meter; coconut20 nos; plantain fruit 25 nos; betel 100 nos; betel nut 100 gram; haaram 1; wheat 1 kilo; raw rice 1 kg; black gram 500 gram; black ellu 100 gram; mangoleaf bunches 8 nos; plantain leaves 8 nos; or old news papers 8 nos; paddy; black ellu; kadugu; black gram; green gram each fifity grams; mud paaligai 5 nos; brass kinnam or paaku mattai kinnam 4 nos; brass thaambaalam 4 nos; pancha pathra uthirini; brass kudam for udhaka shanthi 1; brass sombu 1 no;for prathi sara bhandam and punyahavachanam; cow's milk 500milli; nool kandu no.10. 1 no; scented chunnam one bottle, pachai kalpooram; elakai; veti ver to put in the udhaka shanthi kudam;

    deepam; oil for deepam; thiri; match box; pen knief; camphor one box; oothubathi one box; oothubathi stand; dhoopa kaal; deepa kaal; aasana palagai or thadukku 10 nos; homa kundam 1 no; or bricks 10 nos; sand 10 kilo; vrati 20 nos; srai thool (broken fire wood ) 5 kilo; visiri 1; ghee for homam 500 gram; for nandhi for ten persons 10 kilo raw rice; 1 kilo green gram dhall; plantain kaai monthan kaai-10 nos; plantain leaf 10 nos; If you c an afford 9x5 cotton dhoty for ten persons; 10 nos. pancha pathra uthirini.\

    Udhka shanthy japa dhakshinai; nandhi sratha dhakshinai; oshadhi sooktham; aayushya sooktha; pavamaana sooktha japa dakshinai. are there.

    on the previous day preferrably morning udhaka shanthi, and nandhi must be done. If time permits you may do on the upanayanam day itself.

    For the sumangalis who are pouring dhanyams and milk in the paaligai it is the usual practice to give chandanam,kumkumam.,pushpam; thaamboolam; and dakshinai. people do not prefer doing nandhi sratham on upanayanam/or wedding day.

    On the upanayanam day haaram one no; thodutha pushpam 2 metre; coconut 10 nos; plantain fruits 50 nos; betel 100 nos; paaku 100 grams; seeval pottalam vasanai paaku 50 nos; wheat 1kilo; raw rice 1 kilo; plantain leaf 4 nos; deeksha vasthram 9x5 dhoty one no; jaggary; curd; honey; kadugu; arisi maavu each 50 gram; havis 100 gram; kumaara bhojana dhoty 4 mulam 2 nos; ammi .1. deer skin 1. brahmopadesa pattu one no. bitchai arisi raw rice 5 kilo; biksha thaambaalam 1 ; silver and gold poonal;each one no; pakku mattai plates and kinnams 10 nos; sundal and appam for neivedhyam;

    Boy's mother's parents will give gold and silver poonal; brahmopadesa pattu; aasirvadha dhoty and saree; silver pancha paathra uthirini; biksharisi and thaambaalam along with; thaamboolam; chandanam; kumkumam; manjal; flowers; fruits; sweets and savory; paruppu thengai;

    IF JADHA KARMA; NAAMA karanam and annapraasanam had done on appropriate times only chowlam and upanayanam should be done now. 'It is enough. If not done in the previous years now jadha karma , naama karanam. anna praasnam will be done with kaalaa atheetha krichara dhaanam,

    If you want to take video/photo make arrange ments for them. If you want to print pathrikai make arrange ments for it. It is better doing it in the house. Please advice marriage contracter meals, coffee, tiffin , for the two days for your requirements. arrange for shamiana; dining table, water, chairs; paper cups for coffee and water; printed paper/ plastic bags to give thaamboolam, fruit/ coconut/ sweets/ gifts if any.
    to be continued


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      e UDHAKA SHANTHI: clean the floor with cow's dung and put raw rice flour kolam. over that spread wheat; over it place place plantain leaf or old news paper place raw rice. draw in the centre by chanting brahmayath gnanam one line in the centre; then draw right side line saying nake suparnam and then draw left side line chanting aapyaaya swasemeathuthey . Then draw facing north 3 lines first chanting with yo rudhro agnow and in the centre line; then idham vishnu vichakrame mel kode and chanting indram viswa draw kil kodu., then spread arugan grass and dharbhai and place the brass kudam with nool sutri chanting brahma yath gnanam

      On the kumbham place the pavithram facing north chanting gayathri manthram. . Then pour pure water into the brass kudam and put the crushed elakai; krambu, pachai kalpooram, vetriver powder. decorate the brass kudam with chandanam and kumkumam and mango leaf bunch; coconut; haram or thodutha poo maalai . and the vasthram. you can also put gold ring; gold chain; into the kalasam. If you put one drop of ghee into the kalasam that will also do good.

      Then chant aapovaa idhagum and apah pranayathi;; then clean it by chanting devovaha savithah 3 times. then varunan aavaahanaadhi 16 upachara poojah; then place 8 sastrigals in 8 directions. request them to chant udhaga shanthi manthras; they will chant life incresing manthras; jayadhi manthram; sradha sooktham; brahma sooktham; nakshathra sooktham; punyahavachana manthram; anna samvridhi manthram etc; then chant namo brahmanae 3 times; then varunan yatha sthaanam. kumbha water drinking; prokshanam; abhishekam to the kumararan. then dhakshina to sastrigals.this will take 4 hours .

      Then angurarpanam: 5 mud paaligai; punyaha vachanam must be done here to purify the 5 mud paaligai, place one in the centre and one in north, south;west and east to the centre paaligai; prokshanam of punyahavachana water to these paaligais. in the centre aavaahaandhi pooja in the centre brahma; then indran; yaman; soman; varunan;

      by chanting manthras place the paligai dhanyam whichn is drenched in water the previous day itself mix some milk in it in the paaligais. request minimum 4 sastrigals to chant oshadhi sooktham . they will chant ''yaajadha oshadhayo+paramasi. place the dhanyam one time with manthram 'brahma yath gnanam+ and 2 times without chanting manthras. like this for indran yadha indra +bheeja vapaha; east=indran;; south =yaman; west=varunan and soman in north.

      Then for yaman yo asya koushtaya+bheeja vaapaha. Then for varunan imam me varunaha+ bheeja vaapaha; THen for soman 'somo dhenum+ bheejaa vaapaha.. then say pranavam to each. Then sumangalis 5 or 7 ladies must do without any manthram. pour some mud on the paaligai dhanam and do pooja for 5 or 7 days morning and evening and in the day time these grown up seeds must be dropped in a tank or river.

      Now a days it is not possible. dilute them in a bucket of water and throw the water and seeds in the by ground . Ladies will do kummi and dance singing , and then it will be thrown in a mud place , If tank or river or sea is there you can go and drop them there..

      to be continued: prathisara bhandham;


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        Dear Sri.Gopalan Sir,
        It is very great and I very much appreciate your dedication to post such
        valuable and useful information about all rituals.
        Kindly continue to post such good information.

        As a gratitude and merit I wish to promote you as a moderator of this forum
        by this you can get more privileges to edit others and posts and your own posts
        adding, attaching images, documents etc.
        Thank you very much
        and kindly bless me by accepting my namaskaram again.
        best regards,

        Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
        please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
        Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
        Best Wishes and Best Regards,


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          PRATHISARA BHANDAM;: For males: during anna praasnam, choula,upanayanam, samaavardhanam, marriage this will be done; and for females annapraasnam,marriage, bumsavana seemantham this will be done. in a brass sombu kalasa sthaapanam varuna aavaahanam and varuna pooja and in the north side of the kumbam spread some raw rice and the place the turmeric pasted nool kandu thread .

          Then with minimum 4 sastrigals request them to chant prathisara bandham manthras.krishnuva padha anuvaham; agne yachasvinnihthi. aapohista, dadikravinno.,pavamaana sooktham,brahma,varuna,rudhra,vishnu,durga, srisooktham, then 3times namo brahmane,then varunan yathaasthaanam, then chant surabhimath+ ablingabi manthras soothra prokshanam,and apply vibhuthy with thrayambaga manthram 'agnirashmaan enra 4 manthras by chanting these manthras

          fill raw rice and plantain fruit in the right hand and for ladies left hand whilke xhanting brahatsama manthram tie the the saradu, chant yo brahma manthras with vibhuthy and apply this vibhuthee on the forehead. and give dhakshina to sastrigals.

          NAANDHI: This is called ABYUDHAYA SRATHAM abhyudhayam shows the growth of dharmam,artham, kammaam. for this growth we are doing aaraadhanai to pithru devas. this is naandhi.because we are requesting the devas asirvadham. at the end punyahavachanam must be done. sathya vasu visvedevar 2 sastrigal; pithru ladies vargam 2 sastrigals; pithru vargam 2 sastrigal; mother side pithru 2 sastrigals; maha vishnu 2 sastrigal; total 10 sastrigal; aavaahanam; thaambolam, rice and plantain kai with dahkshinai giving; aasirvadham; pradhakshinam 3 times parents, boy, parents other children and parents brother's family must do pradhakshinam.

          After naandhi another naandhi can be done only after 6 days. from that month for 6 months amaasya tharpanam and madha pirappu tharpanam must be done with rice instead of black ellu and instead of dhabhai use arugan grass. for pavithram, koorcham, and kattai pillu.along with rawrice add a pinch of ellu for tharpanam.

          chowlam chowla homam.: to be continued.


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            CHOWLAM: Anuggai; vinayaka pooja, sankalpam for chovlam. kumaaara bhojanam. prathistai of lovekeekaagni mukandham (upto prangmuko deva hey agnea abhimuko bhava chovla homam; jayadhi homam; request the 'kumaran' to sit west to agni facing east . mix hot and cold water and apply on the head. while chanting the four manthras for four directions cut the hair of the boy with a penknief along with 3 dharbhas for each direction,

            For east yenavabath manthram chanting cut the east side hair of the kumaram and hand it over to the mother of the kumaran or any body who will put this along with cow dungand darbhai, and with chanting upathvaaya kesaan manthram under a aththi tree or any other tree. yath kshuraena for south; yena bhuyah for west side yena pusha for north side of the head of the kumaran. each time father has to wash his hand . Then the barber will take care of the head of the kumaran. then snaanam for the kumaran.

            Pen knief should be cleaned with water and it should not be used for anything for three days (which is impossible now a days)

            UPANAYANAM; anuggai; vigneswara pooja; punya janam; sprinkle punya jana water to poonal and kumaran; grahapreethee; yagyopaveedha dhaaranam,. sastrigal by chanting gayathri manthra should do prokshanam to the cooked rice. add ing ghee and milk in the cooked rice the kumaran should take this food along with other even number of brahmacharis.

            Then near the homa kundam place the dharbhai;koorcham; water, vasthram,ammi;dhandam; deerskin; mekalai foe ready use one by one. chanting manthras ammi mithithal;wear megalai in the hip for three times clockwise chanting manthras. in the northn side of the homa kundam requst the kumaran to stand on dharbhai facing west guru will pour water and prokshanam 3 times. kumaran must also chant manthras for one time,

            by chanting manthras guru will catch the hand of the kumaran. then guru aachrya samvadham. Then upanayana ghee homam, jayadhi utharaanga homam upto praneetha mokshana prokshanaam. Then graha preethee dhaanam.kumaran must do now aachaarya pooja. Then brahmopadesam. then palaasa dhanda dhaaranam. guru dakshinai; surya darsanam.samithaadhaanam.bikshacharanam from mother first ;pranava sradha medha poojaaasirvadam; harathy.

            FATHER,father's father, elder brother,pangaaligal, elders in the same gothram are eligible to do upanayanam.widower is not eligible .