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  • Masikams and Varshabdhikam - Clarifications

    Respected swamy,

    Pranams to swamy. My first question is - How is your health? are you fully recovered from the Upadahai?

    Then Deepavali celebration with all Peran & Pethigal. You have seen so many deepavali celebration now you are seeing / witnessing the Kondatatam ... swamy..

    You have given the nice and suitable reply for those who rendering the shrardham and those who skipped off. Thanks once again. Generally, people should know what is karma? why it is being performed by the elders of the family at the appropriate time? and why should be done?

    S.THIRUNARAYANAN of Karappangadu

    --- On Sun, 26/10/08, Lakshminarayan wrote:

    From: Lakshminarayan
    Subject: [Vaideekam] Performance of Masikams and Varshabdhikam - Clarifications
    Date: Sunday, 26 October, 2008, 3:55 PM


    Recently one of my relatives (an elderly lady) expired. Her eldest son
    performed Nityavidhis, 11th day, 12th day. But after Subham, the
    eldest son went abroad. He is unable to perform masikams every month.
    He will not be able to perform Varshabdhikam also. The lady's 2 other
    sons are ready to perform Masikams and Varshabdhikam.

    Please advise whether one of the 2 sons can perform them or not. Or is
    it true that only the eldest son should perform?

    Please clarify


    Please do not think that the Chradhams or Masikams are the things that are to be done for the benefit of somebody (pithrus).

    For an example : One who is doing 'Tiruvaaradanam' to perumal is providing many kind of food during aaradanam. The aim of an Aradanam is not offering food to satisfy the hunger of perumal, because one can not satisfy the hunger of that "Ulagamunda peruvaayan". So, the aim of the Aradanam is getting asirvadam / bliss or blessing of Perumal. To get this product, offering food is one out of sixteen upacharaas. So, the upacharaas remains same and the method and offerings are very different from time to time and place to place and person to person according to his 'Vasathi and Vaaypu'.

    Here a person who is doing Aradanam will get the bliss, if not done he will not get it. That is all.

    Likewise, the chradham is also a type of Aradanam where the perumal himself getting those offerings in pitru roopam.
    Note: Whoever doing the chardham will definitely say:
    "Sarvaakaara: bhagavan sri janaardana: preetyataam sri vishnu paade(shu) tattam", when offering the phalan of the chradham in a bhugnam (darbhai).

    Bhagavan is not compelling poojas or Aradanam at temples and houses, but He compels the chradhams, which He Ordered it as a duty to human.

    So, do not worry about the duty of others, do your duty promptly.

    From the first year Aptikam, all brothers are getting this duty as per Sastram. So, do not worry about the masikams and do the Aptikam and continue to do the chardham every year.

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,