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Is Hanuman Married !! ?

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  • Is Hanuman Married !! ?

    Most of us would have told this piece of golden dialogue to our parents “I wish to be a Naishtika brahmachari like my Lord Hanuman”

    The above quote is not true, as hanuman has his counterpart – I can see the readers, unbelievably raising their eyebrows. This is validated in the following Samhithais - ‘BRAMHA SAMHITHAI PURANAM’ and “PARASARA SAMHITHAI” written by Parasarar rishi

    Lord hanuman was among the other Brahamacharis like Narada Muni, Sudar, Bheeshmar, Aswathamar etc..

    Sun was the Guru for Hanuman, since sun revolves and cannot stay in one place, it was difficult for any other person other than hanuman to have him as his guru. Hanuman traveled past the sun light ie. faster than sun light facing his Guru. He completed his lessons at the age of 10 within 40 days. He learnt 8 Vyakarnams instead of 9, as the 9th one demands for marriage status. He is to be known as Nava vyaharana pandithan (grammar).

    And another point to prove is that, he is still doing penance in Cholingar for the post of Bramha. The brahma post obviously demands him to be a Grahastha for knowing the secrets of shrishti (birth).

    Whom to marry? God Sun decided Hanuman shall marry his daughter Suwarchala devi and the same was fulfilled by his guru’s command after the issue was raised to Trimoorthies. However after marriage it is believed that he was with Rama for all his period.

    Temples where you can see the Lord with his counterpart: Chengelpattu dist – Tailavaram. Nanganallur Anjaneyar uthsava moorthy.

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    Re: Is Hanuman Married !! ?

    Dear Sir,
    Eventhough i heard that hanumanis not a brahmachari your post happen to be elaborate and the information about Nanganallur utsavamurthy is very useful nest time when i visit nanganallur i shall keep in mind this information. Thanks.


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      Re: Is Hanuman Married !! ?

      I do not know of any stories regarding the marriage. There are lot of stories created by different writers in India.
      A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.