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Shani Pradosha-Rare Stotra for Lord Shirva & Lord Nrusimha

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  • Shani Pradosha-Rare Stotra for Lord Shirva & Lord Nrusimha

    Dear All,

    Greetings and Namaste. Tomorrow is Shani Pradosha (i.e. Pradosha that falls on a Saturday). As Pradosha falling on Saturday is infrequent, it has an added significance as per traditions.

    Pradosha is associated with both Lord Shiva and Lord Nrusimha. In that connection, I am happy to attach two stutis - one on each - as below:

    1. Shiva Stuti By Lord Rama - Brahma Puranam - this is a beautiful hymn on Lord Shiva by Lord Rama which also has an interesting story behind it. I have endeavored my best to give an abstract of that story in the preface. (This is a long chapter)

    2. Sri Nrusimha Stuti - Sage Markandeya - Nrusimha Puranam - this is a beautiful prayer on Lord Nrusimha by Sage Markandeya when he does a sever penance after conquering death.

    It is no secret that Vedas/Puranas see Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva (and Lord Brahma) merely as different forms of the same Brahman/Purusha. Lord Rama also beautifully emphasizes this in the attached prayer as he prays to Lord Shiva as mUrti traya varjitaM.

    We have also seen before that Saura purana declares that Lord Bhairava and Lord Nrusimha areone and the same and it does not matter which form one prays - both are pleased.

    In Brahma Puranam, Chapter 130, Sage Apastamba asks Sage Agastya as below:

    trayANAM ko nu pUjyaH syAd devAnAM muni sattama |
    bhuktir muktish ca kasmAd vA syAd anAdish ca ko bhavet ||
    anantash cApi ko vipra devAnAM api daivatam |
    yaGYaiH kaH ijyate devaH ko vedeShvanugIyate ||
    evaM me saMshayaM ChettuM vadAgastya mahAmune ||

    Meaning : O! Sage Agastya! Who is the most venerable of the three (Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva)? Who is really capable of Bhukti and Mukti? Who among them is anAdi? Who is the most venerable of all Devas? The Pujas done during the Yajnas - whom do they go to? Who among the three has been praised by Vedas? Please clear my doubt.

    Sage Agastya replies as below:
    guNAbhi vyApti bhedena mUrto.asau trividho bhavet ||
    brahma viShNuH shivash ceti eka eva tridhocyate |
    trayANAM api devAnAM vaidyamekaM paraM hi tat ||
    ekasya bahudhA vyAptir guNa karma vibhedataH |
    lokAnAM upakArArthaM AkRRiti tritayaM bhavet ||
    yast tattvaM vetti paramaM sa ca vidvAn na cetaraH |
    tatra yo bhedamAcaShTe li~NgabhedI sa ucyate ||
    prAyashcittaM na tasyAsti yascaiShAM vyAharedbhitam |
    trayANAm api devAnAM mUrti bhedaH pRRithak pRRithak ||
    vedAH pramANaM sarvatra sAkAreShu pRRithak pRRithak |
    nirAkAraM ca yattvekaM tattebhyaH paramaM matam ||

    Meaning : (....) That formless (Amurtha) Paratpara takes Murtha forms. The Murtha forms are classified into 3 based on Guna. Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva are the three Rupas of the same Paratpara and there is no difference (bheda) among them. These forms are taken for the benefit of Lokas. Only he who understands this tattva is a Vidwan and none else. One who maintains bhedha buddhi among the three forms is known as Linga Bheda and there is no Prayashchitta for this sin.... That Nirakara Tattva is seen in these three forms by Vedas.

    May We Endeavor to Seek the Blessings of That Mula Purusha (in whatever form we choose) during this Shani Pradosha!

    Thanks & Regards,
    K. Muralidharan (Murali)

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