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    Bhoga Srinivasa

    Bhoga Srinivasa
    is a silver deity that is a near replica of the main deity (Dhruva Bera) of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh. The lord is also known as Manavalapperumal or Kautuka Bera. The deity is utilized for performing daily Abhishekam ceremony (as part of Thomala Seva) and daily Ekanta Seva. The deity is believed to imbibe the essence of the Dhruva Bera as well as grant devotees' wishes.
    Bhoga Srinivasa was consecrated to the temple in 614 by Pallava queen Samavai (also known as Kadavan-Perundevi) along with donation of land and gold to the temple. The idol is a true copy of the Dhruva Bera except that the Sanka and Chakra are fixed in the case of Bhoga Srinivasa. On the pitham and below the feet of the deity is a Yantra that is in the shape of two interplaced equilateral triangle. The deity is connected permanently to the Dhruva Bera by means of a silk chord. When the deity is bought outside the sanctum sanctorum for deputising for the Dhruva Bera, the chord remains attached and is reinforced with gold links.

    Abhishekam: The daily abhishekam is performed to the Bhoga Srinivasa idol unlike the Dhruva Bera to which abhishekam is performed every Friday.
    Ekanta Seva: During the seva, Bhoga Srinivasa is placed in the silver cradle in the sayana mandapam and naivadyam (offerings) are made to the lord along with applying sandalwood paste. The seva is performed to Lord Krishna in Dhanurmasa instead of performing it to Bhoga Srinivasa.Sahasra Kalasabhishekam: During the seva, the parimala thirtham (water sanctified and perfumed with sandal paste) in one thousand (1,000) silver vessels are used to perform abhishekam to Bhoga Srinivasa along with other deities or murthis. Akshataropana is performed by taking the Bhoga Srinivasa outside the Bangaru Vakili (golden entrance)

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    picture:Tirumala Tirupathi LORD Venkateswara