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  • Bhakthi

    Once Devarishi Narada went to Vaikunta chanting " Narayana.. Narayana....". But Vishnu poorly responded to his arrival. Narada asked Vishnu " Oh! Lord I am your best devotee in this entire world. Why didnt you welcome your such a great devotee."

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    Vishnu asked Narada " How can you say you are the best among all my devotees". Narada said " Lord, I chant your name so many times that its even difficult to count. Is there any such devotee who is doing the same?" Vishnu just pointed him towards a poor farmer. Narada said "Can this poor farmer chant my Lord's name more than what I do. Is he more lovable to my lord?" Vishnu asked him to go and check himself. Narada went observed and observed the poor farmer from sunrise to sunset.

    With a great laugh Narada returned to Vaikunta and said " My Lord he chanted you name only twice through out his work. Can he become your greatest devotee??"

    Vishnu gave Narada a tumbler filled with water and asked him go around the world 3 times. Vishnu said " Narada, take care that not even a single will fall out of the tumbler." Narada did what the Lord said. During his entire journey his entire concentration was on the tumbler and he came back successfully.

    Narada said "My Lord I am victorious. I brought back the tumbler as you wished."

    Vishnu said " O! the learned one you did the task which I assigned you successfully. But you did not chant my name even once during your entire journey. Is that farmer not better than you who chanted my name twice in spite of doing hard work from morning to evening."

    Narada realized his mistake and asked for Lord's forgiveness.

    Source: Garuda Purana Community