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The Skanda Vale temple in Carmarthenshire, Wales/UK

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  • The Skanda Vale temple in Carmarthenshire, Wales/UK

    The Skanda Vale temple in Carmarthenshire, Wales/UK

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    Skanda Vale is a Hindu Temple/Monastery in the county of Carmarthenshire, south-west Wales. The temple is dedicated to Lord Subramanya, who is also known as Skanda, Karttikeya, and Muruga.

    The Skanda Vale temple also known as the "The Community of the Many Names of God" has temples dedicated to Murugan, Ranganatha and Maha Shakti.
    The Purohits are German nationals.

    The Purohits are German National.

    The temple was established in Wales way back in 1973
    The Sri Ranaganatha Temple is open all day. The Murugan Temple and the Shakti Temple are only open during pooja times.

    Daily Pooja Timings
    5.00 am Murugan Temple
    6.30 am Maha Shakti Temple
    9.30 am Ranganatha Temple
    1.30 pm lunchtime Offering Murugan Temple
    6.00 pm Maha Shakti Temple
    9.00 pm Murugan Temple (except after Maha Shakti Full Moon Pooja)

    In 1981 when the then President of Sri Lanka visited this temple, he presented it with a baby elephant. The elephant named Valli still lives in the temple premises.

    There are many other animals cared for in the temple premises.