By his greatness, one of a famous Astrologer agreed to render astro service for our members.
Interested members can send their Astrological Questions to get clarified.
All members question will be sent to him. He may answer all of them or he may select few of them according to his circumstances.
Also members are requested to offer their mention the affordable Dhakshinai (Fees) to the astrologer service.
So that he can donate our forum out of it.
I have to speak with astrologer according to the response of the members of this forum.
Please send your response immediately.
Later the Astrologer Name and details will be published with his permission.
The details are to be sent for Astrology:
1. Name :
2. Place of Birth:
3. Date, Month, Year of Birth:
4. Time of birth in IST (24 hrs format)
(if the birth place is not in India then you have to send
the following additional details:
Latitude and Longitude of that place
and Time difference between India to that place and
the time of birth to be mentioned for that place only).
Three questions can be asked at a time:
You send main questions only all related sub questions will be answered.
After sending the predictions to your three questions you are permitted
to get further explanation (for anything unable to understand) only one time only.

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Preference will be given for members interested to pay some fees.