I remember my mother used to prepare prasava lehyam with 47 items of nattu charakku starting with manjal, vasambu, Kadukkai etc., etc., We have lost not just our time but also many values. This is one such item that we have almost lost. But I have a feeling
that may be somebody who might know the 40 or so items that is required for preparation the lehyam.The few items I could recall
is vasambu, kadukkai, masikkai surattu nilavarai, roja mokku, pinchu kadukkai, parangi chakkai, thesavaram kasa kasa etc etc.
Can any one in the forum will be able to revive the method of this wonderful preparation. My mother used to put it under the sun
to dry it completely and then heat it in a vanali before making it a powder with iron ulakkai. I hv done it. but hv now forgotten.
Can anybody now come out with the names of these medicine and preparation of lehyam?

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