Once in a week, three or four senior citizens meet in the evenings and generally amongst other mundane affairs
we also discuss philosophy and exchange views.I give hereunder a synopsis of the topic we discussed yesterday.

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What is self control?
Self control is control or restraint exercised over one's self. Self control is the power or habits of having
one's inclinations and emotions, desires and appetites, senses and mind under control.

We must control ourselves first. Then we can control others.

Self control clears the mind, strengthens judgement and elevates our character. It gives us freedom,
peace, bliss and joy. There is no other duty equal to self control which is the highest virtue in the
world. The self controlled man sleeps happily and awakes happily and moves in the world
happily. The man who is without self control always suffers misery. The self controlled man is never
fettered by the attachments originating from earthly connections and sentiments. Self control
is the master key that opens the realm of eternal bliss.

We must resist temptations, check every wrong action, subdue evil thoughts and withhold bitter
words and resist desires so that we can attain everlasting peace. There is no triumph more glorious
than that of the victory obtained over our own selves.