Theory of Karma

Without adequate erudition or eloquence to discuss the subject, I wish to post this message, with at-most reverence,

to share the view point of Sri Madhwacharya expressed in his "The Gita Tatparya" a companion volume to his "Gita Bhashya".
This view of great Acharya of "Brahma Vaishnava Sampradaya" is different from bashyas of other great exponents of Gita.

"Here, Karma yoga is explained in a vigorous way. Accordingly there is no freedom from activity.There is only freedom in activity.
The basic rules of Karmayoga are:

(i) Exclusive obligation to act

(II) The absolute forbidding of selfish desires and the fruits of the act.
(III) Surrendering all acts to God and
(IV) Not to be intimidated to inaction.

Gnana, Karma and Bhakthi are not exclusive to one another. All of them go together.Gita teaches us only the Samucchaya of gnana karma and Bhakthi. Social service is to be deemed as service to God, Madhva says so in Gita Tatparya.On the whole Gita is a guide to a robust human life and Bhashya and Tatparya strengthens it with nourishment ".
(from Maadhva Philosophical literature)

Sri Madhwacharya gives an extraordinary definition to the concept of Karma in his
commentary for the following verse in Gita:

Aruruksor muner yogam karma karanamucyate |
yogarudhasya tasyaiva shamah karaNamucyate || 6 - 3 ||

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"He says karma is “nana janasya shushrusha” or serving different people is karma for those who are striving in the path of moksha sadhane ! . . . AchArya gave a new dimension to the social face of sadhane which none of the purva Acharyas thought of! Social service is one of the most important aspects of spiritual upliftment".(from Discourse on the Gita (chapter 6) by Shri Bannanje Govindacharya.)
One who is benevolent to all beings makes the Supreme Lord pleased and merciful to that one.