NVS-Grihapravesa Invitation
Dear All members of Brahminsnet!
We, NVS Family, Cardially invite you to our New House
Grihapravesam on 2nd December 2012
As details given below.
Kindly update your interest to attend this function by posting reply or by sending private message or email to svknvs@gmail.com
I hope, I could expect the blessings of all elders
and greetings from all youngsters.

SVK - Under Construction

Grihapravesa Invitation - pdf

Also, I wish to inform,
that all Brahmins can use this building to celebrate any of your Subha Functions with some maintenance and service charges.
About forty audience can comfortably sit at a time, and twenty or more people can stand and watch the function.

Many people are searching Break up Journey - Guest House with little Acharam like well water, clean utensils,
brahmin cooks and servants, this will be perfect for those persons with affordable charges.

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