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Where do we go when our Earth visa expires?

Most religions suggest that our souls live on and travel into another realm. While this is the common belief, it is not as simple as it sounds. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity talk about multiple levels, dimensions or frequencies of existence after the soul leaves Earth.
The Quran and Bible have instances where the term Seventh heaven is used. Hinduism talks of various astral planets and even higher spiritual planets or loks where souls travel to after physical life comes to an end
Karma is the good old concept of “what goes around comes around”. It refers to continuity of soul experience, the fact that we will reap the consequences of our good deeds and misdeeds. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and the dynamics of karma help us to keep learning and progressing through actions done by us in each lifetime.

Do our souls actually travel somewhere?

The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes…

When TV channels are changed, it is only awareness that is shifting from one channel to another. The old channel doesn't cease to exist because the new channel is being viewed. It is just that the screen is now displaying a different frequency. This is the same principle that happens when we die. Our awareness is tuned into a different frequency of creation.
The Earth plane does not cease to exist, but for the person who has passed on, the frequency of awareness has shifted. The reality they perceive is now different.
Similarly, for those on Earth, the person seems to have gone, but in reality the soul has just moved onto another frequency of awareness. It leaves behind the empty human body, a kind of virtual reality device, through which the soul experienced life on the Earth.
Belief in Rebirth
You meet someone for the first time and immediately take to her; you visit a new place but get the feeling that you’ve been there before — most of us have had such experiences sometime or other. It’s because we are re-encountering people and places we have known in our past lives. We unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes, and relationships from previous lives into our current lifetime. This is because that we are eternal souls and carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another.
Real Cases
Here is a case from Bhopal in India where Dr Swarnlata Tiwari, principal of a GovernmentArts & CommerceCollege from Bhopal, popularly known as NaveenCollege, is a unique case of rebirth. Her case is one of the seven cases in the world over, which scientists have been doing research on the theory of human rebirth. Dr. Swarnlata's case is a unique case in the sense that she not only remembers her immediate previous birth but also of the previous to previous birth.

In an interview Dr. Swarnlata Tiwari narrated interesting events and memories of her three births. The first at Katni in Madhya Pradesh when she was born in a Pathak family, the second in a Goswami family of Silhat (Assam) which is presently in Pakistan. And now presently she was born in village Shahpur of Tikamgarh district.

Wife of an IAS officer, Dr. Tiwari, 59 at present, has two sons. She has been leading a happily peaceful life with her present family at the same time keeping touch with her previous birth relatives of Katni.

She said past memories flashed back to her when she was passing through a river near Katni at the age of about 4 years. She narrated her past life's incidents to her parents who did not believe all that and ultimately saw a doctor of her mental check up. It was here that the doctor declared her fit saying "she is recalling her previous birth memories."

At the height of all that she was again re-born when she suddenly started singing Assamese songs at the age of 5. This was her previous to the immediate birth. In this life she had died in a road accident in Silhat at the age of 8.

When her case flashed in newspapers, her previous birth brother came to her house that she immediately recognized as "Babu". He confirmed that she was his sister as she narrated such incidents, which only he and she knew. In that birth her husband was a Tehsildar from whom she had three children. She had then died of heart failure at the age of 39.

Her story may seem interesting and amazing to listeners but not to her as she is now used to it and feels quite "normal".

Strange Facts about Dr. Swarnlata

1. Born on March 2, 1948

2. She scared her parents by claiming that her name was Biya Pathak and lived in katni in past.

3. Biya Pathak died in 1939

4. was reborn as Kamlesh in 1940 at Sylhet in Assam and died in 1947, a very short life.

5. Then, in 1948, Kamlesh was reborn as Swarnlata Mishra at village Shahpur in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh.

6. Remembers all the three births and that every time she was born as a girl child and in all the births in a Brahmin family.

7. Her story of rebirth was investigated by a noted Virginia University Professor Dr. Ian Stevenson when he visited India in 1997 and he found her case as "authentically correct" after intensive confirmation of tales told by Swarnlata.

8. At present she lives at Bhopal. Her husband K.P.Tiwari is a senior IAS officer here and she herself is a botanist and presently posted at Bhopal as the Principal of a Government Arts and CommerceCollege.

9. She has two sons.

Then here is another case of Taranjit, aged 12 from Chandigarh city from northern India who remembered his past life at the age of 2 & claimed that in his earlier birth he was Satnam & died in a scooter accident. He not only identified & met his earlier life parents but recently went to the marriage of his earlier life sister too & blessed her on her marriage.

A true case of rebirth?
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