Dear vasu� vadhyar swamin
Srinivasan pranaams
Thank you for the information on the above.
My doubt is whether shradha thaligai when we do not offer to swamigal.
Which one better between sankalpa shradham and hiranya shradham?
Srinivasa dasan

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When Thaligai is not offered to swamins then that can not be called as "Sankalpa Shradham"
Threre ar two types of shradham without thaligai :1. Aama Shradham 2. Hiranya Shradham

1-Aama Shradham : All the things or some important things like rice, vegetables etc. to one or two swamins and a Tarpanam at the end.
2- Hiranya Shradham : Giving double the time of the expenses equal to actual expense if it is done as Paarvana shradham (homam).
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