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1) Regarding Shraddham, I am of the view that Pithru Devathaigal are worshipped on that day in the names of Vasu, Rudra and Aditya Swaroopangal. Although we utter father's name, grand father's name and great grand father's name, they are synonymous with the Pithru Devathigal. Just like various devas (muppathi mukkodi - 33 crores - devargal are there as per our belief) are worshipped in various karmas, pithu devathas are worshipped in pithru karmas and our offerings go to such devas. Those devas will get pleased by our offerings and protect our forefathers who may be in any sareera at that time. Even if they had attained moksham, the atmas, being eternal are in the service of God in Sri Vaikuntam or such other place as God may assign to the liberated souls for rendering service as the Almighty may desire them to do, without being affected by karma palans if they have to be born in this mortal world, as karmas would no longer bind them (They had already been released from all
karmas after attaining moksham), the respective liberated souls who were our forefathers get pleased by our offerings through the Pithu Devas, as they have absolute Knowledge like the God Himself. Further such ceremonies are ordained to be performed by the bonded souls like us in this world as per Vedas and Sastras which we are obliged to follow and adhere to. What is ordained, if not performed, would land us in papam. For these reasons, we perform the shraddham and the same logic holds good for Tharpanam.
I read somewhere that the Kanchi Paramacharya had said that if money order is sent from a remote village in India to someone in India or even abroad, it goes to him, but what we remit here does not go, but something equivalent will go in our name and they will receive it there. The same analogy that if we offer Thila Tharpanam and Pinda dhanam, and other rice and bakshanam offerings in fire for pithru devathas, the same goes in some indirect equivalent form to those to whom they are intended with the blessings of the pithru devathas.
Therefore, to me, Pithru devathas appear to be the medium to ensure that our offerings reach the forefathers in one or other form as they might deem to bless the concerned. As is our usual practice, even shraddham is supposed to be done by God for God's sake and for God's pleasure and He would be doing it only through us (Refer Sattvika thyagam in each karma).
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2) Re Sudarsana Homam, I would like to physically participate if it is done this year also on Margazhi Koodaravalli Day which is on January 11, 2006 as that day in 1943 was I born. But on 18/12/05, there is another religious function in my daughter's house which I have a duty to attend. Please let me know if you are considering any change in dates. For my sake, do change in date is required and I seek God's blessings only on whichever day the homam is performed by you at the specified location.

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