I don't like phone conversations due to some silly reasons for others but which I treat valuable for me.
1. The currently doing thing will be disturbed and or distracted.
2. Usually it is very hard for me to get asleep, if disturbed I will not try it for that whole day.
3. I have not learned to speak flatteringly and will speak straight away without considering the result.
4. The time taken for typing and sending a thing will be helpful to have a check for mistakes.
Few more things ....
so kindly use any one of the following mail to contact me:
While sending a matter for preparing invitations, consider sending the following:
a) Choose a most recent and most relevant old invitation of your same family, scan and send it to prepare yours as same as the one you sent.
b) Send all the replaceable data like names, dates, function venue etc. etc.
c) The data you are sending may be in Tamil or English or in both.
Step 1:
I will make the invitation with provided info and send you a pdf which may have lot of modifications and corrections
Step 2:
After getting all the corrections points, I could make all the corrections and send you another pdf.

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Step 3:
The final version will be sent by which you can directly go to your nearest printer to get it printed in board or special papers.
The printing presses are having a technology to create a master plate for printing from pdfs.